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Studio Tour Featuring Piradee Talvanna

It’s time for another Studio Tour!  If you are not familiar with the studio tours on our blog let me just give you a quick summary of what you will find!  Every month we take a peek into the “creative space” of one of our creative team members.  These are the people who inspire us with their amazing paper creations, they are the ones who take time to “create something” almost everyday and they are the ones we consider a part of our family!  We just love seeing where they create and we know you enjoy it too!

This week we are hyper-spacing all the way to Singapore to see how Piradee has “set up her space.”

Hi Everyone, a big welcome to my little space here in Singapore.  Since relocating here to Singapore with my dearest hubby almost 3 years ago, we opted to get a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city (which is also conveniently located next door to my LSS); where I’ve pretty much taken over this corner of our living room.

Piradee’s Space

This is pretty much where you’ll find me most of the time, sitting there and playing with all the amazing products, while hubby dearest watches from the couch nearby (and every now and then he would come over to help a bit or provide his two cents).  And as you can see below, I’ve pretty kept all the items that I use most of the time nearby – the glue dots are organized on a jewelry holder that I found, I’ve got a smaller container on the stand where I keep all my foam dots (which I use tons of) and also next to it – there’s my garden of trinket pins.

And not too far away from my reach, is my stash of must haves!!!

Although there’s stacks of paper organized nearby the desk, there’s also tons more in our little storage room (or now know as MY scrappy closet, which is actually a bomb shelter located behind the wall from my desk).  Initially we shared this space, where dearest hubby also kept his books but my stuff slowly crept over into his area (and not really sure where his books went – oops).

I’ve also created this little booklet to help me keep track of all the supplies (from mist, ink, embossing powders, stamps to punches).  This way, I’ll know what I have already (and hopefully not buy it again) and also these color swatches comes in super handy when trying to figure out which color to use.

And with that, hopefully you like my little area where all the creativity happens around here.

The Inside Scoop On Piradee:

What is the one word that describes your scrapbook style and why?

My one word would be “Clean”- with every project that I do the lines need to be straight, the mist needs to be sprayed just in the right space and amount and edges/colors need to be crisp.

What inspires you to get creative?

Pretty much everything around me inspires me.  From the gorgeous scrapping products, magazines, online galleries to even a bad meeting at work (thinking of all the journaling details that I want to record); but for the most part – it’s the amazing products that gets my creative juice flowing and most of the time I end up creating layouts/projects before I know what pictures to use.

What is your favorite Pink Paislee product right now?

At the moment, I’m holding on to the Daily Junque Mini Notes & Labels.  I just love this pack of die cuts, especially those number tags (oooooh, I have tons of ideas racing through my mind at the moment).

What is something you consider a guilty pleasure?

Drinking wine and scrapping.

What is playing on your ipod?

It would be Taylor Swift “Love Story” – I’m so in love with the song and also yes, that gorgeous guy in her music video too (can I say that?)

What is the one thing no one would know about you?

Not really a big fan of chocolate.

Name one thing that is on your “bucket list” for the future?

To explore South America – thinking maybe Peru or Argentina?

Fun HUH? Wan’t to learn more about Piradee?  Be sure to check out her blog HERE. Thanks for taking the tour with us!

3 Responses to "Studio Tour Featuring Piradee Talvanna"

  • Lacey Igo
    April 2, 2011 - 9:58 am

    Lovely space!! I actually have taken over our “office space” a few years ago. My boyfriend didn’t put up a fuss. :) Gotta love that!

  • Michelle Bertuzzi
    April 2, 2011 - 7:45 pm

    Love how Piradee made use of every space she has! Lovely space indeed!

  • Carla Ogilvie
    April 3, 2011 - 1:12 pm

    Love the idea of your booklet. I am going to start mine today. Thank you.