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Craft-N-Connect: Shellye McDaniel


Welcome to our month long Craft N Connect event. We are going to spend the entire month getting to know our creative team just a little bit better! We will ask them some silly (and some serious) questions while we show off their latest Pink Paislee project! We want you to personally join in our CRAFT challenge while connecting with our team all month long!  Be sure to visit this blog post to learn how you can get crafty to win a $100 Prize Pack!

“Today we get to introduce you to Shellye McDaniel who is also another new member of our team for 2013. We were totally wowed last year when we saw Shellye’s City Sidewalks Canvas project and she immediately got our attention!  Her style is colorful, whimsical and she has a way of making every project look absolutely perfect.  I am also seriously impressed with her paper sewing skills and the way she makes everything look 3-D. I love admiring all of her dimension and well….perfection!  Shellye represents several other manufactures like us but we always get the feeling she only works with us which is a talent in and of itself!  We don’t mind sharing her talents and we are just so thankful to have her creative and colorful style on the team.  Thank you Shellye for always being so cheerful, enthusiastic and eager to show us new ways to use Pink Paislee products. If you ever want to show me how to sew on paper my door is open! – Rebecca”



Shellye says that she really started ‘scrapbooking’ in 1988; after-all being the editor of the school yearbook was all about combining photos, fun titles, icons and text!  When she spotted a demo on “Aleene’s Creative Living” (circa 1997) about this new way of preserving memories, it was like reuniting with an old friend…she’s been at it ever since.  Along the way Shellye has delved into the world of mini albums, altered stuffs and cards.  She also finds time to work and teach at her local scrapbook store, as well as work one-night a week as a labor & delivery nurse.  Shellye loves the country life and lives nestled in the middle of rolling hills and oak trees  with her husband and two of her three children.  On the weekends it’s lots of cooking and laundry when the oldest child returns from college!  She also enjoys perusing antique stores, lots of reading, camping, trying new recipes and listening to everything from Frank Sinatra to ‘Lil Wayne.

Be Inspired: A Mixed Media Mini Album by Shellye McDaniel

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album2

While away at a scrap retreat I was introduced to a very fun and unusual style of mini album.  I thought to myself “I could do that by mixing this with that and that with that”  In the end I brought together flat brown paper sacks (5×8)  and manila coin envelopes (3.25 x 6).

IMG_2490 (500x500)

I layered the two together and alternated the pieces so that the album would have an open end, closed end, open end, etc.; fold each piece in half and group together.  Next I wrapped a 6″ doily around the spine so that it would show on both front and back covers; add a bit of adhesive to hold in place.  Finally, I machine-stitched down the center.  I spritzed a little of the Chartreuse Color Shine over the front cover and then began to decorate with all sorts of elements from the Cottage Farms and She-Art Collections. The glittered butterfly from the Hope Chest Collection made such a nice addition too!

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album1

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album3

When designing a mini album, I always start with the focal point of the cover…something that will make a nice statement and pull the viewer in.  Once I have decided on that, I begin layering and clustering small embellishments, tags and tabs that can be tucked in, as well as raised up on foam dots.  I really enjoyed using several dies and punches to create unique flowers and vines from the Cottage Farms papers.  And they say that good design includes a pop of black, so I rubbed on a couple of borders from Christy Tomlinson’s She-Art rub-ons.

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album5

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album6

For the coin envelope pockets, I tucked in a standard shipping tag that I had stamped and distressed.  I just love the staggered look that this creates, plus it’s functional.  The 6×6 paper pack came in so handy when I set out to prepare the inner-pages of the album.

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album7

To the backs of the envelopes, I simply made hash marks with a black pen…you could also leave it blank or stamp on an image or lines for journaling.

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album8

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album9

For each page, I used a journal card for the small photo mat or as a spot for journaling.  The beautiful butterfly motif on each card really does the work for you…just add a button, a sticker or some rub-ons and you’re done.

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album10

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album11

Small photos, such as a wallet size, can be arranged nicely in an album this size.  The pockets of the paper sacks make it possible to store larger items like notes, tickets or other memorabilia.

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album12

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album13

And don’t forget all of those fun Artisan pieces that can be colored to match your theme!  The Chartreuse Color Shine brought life to the chipboard arrow…the green matches perfectly.

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album14

Shellye McDaniel-Be Inspired Album15

In the end, this little mini makes a big statement!  It may look hard to make, but it’s quite easy.  Let pre-cut pieces and journal cards do the work.  And keep in mind that you will want just a few chunky embellishments so that the album will close easily and lay as flat as possible.  Make it shabby or keep it clean-and-simple…the possibilities are limitless! I so hope you’ve enjoyed this project and all of those amazing Craft-N-Connect ideas before and yet to come!

Click here to stay in touch with Shellye and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our creative team members!

Products: Cottage Farms; She-Art; Hope Chest

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7 Responses to "Craft-N-Connect: Shellye McDaniel"

  • Renata Moni Bidin
    April 17, 2013 - 11:12 am

    This is stunning! Love this!

  • Paula D
    April 17, 2013 - 2:14 pm

    Love this cute album!

  • Patricia
    April 17, 2013 - 3:15 pm

    Shellye, you are crazy, super talented! Stunning!!

  • Kate Vickers
    April 17, 2013 - 3:21 pm

    Gorgeous, Shellye! I love your minis! :)

  • gina ortiz
    April 17, 2013 - 5:46 pm

    This is very lovely! I like the way you alternated the pages. Can you please share with me tips for sewing paper? Yours looks so nice. Size needle, tension etc.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Shellye
      April 17, 2013 - 8:45 pm

      Thank you, Gina! I’ve had my sewing machine (Brother Project Runway CE 5000 PRW) for about five years now and I have yet to change out the needle that came with it…I believe it’s a 14. I always keep my tension set on 4 even when I sew on chipboard or vellum :) It did take some practice and getting use to the machine and how well you have to ‘steer’ whatever you’re sewing. I hope that helps!! -Shellye

  • Debra J.
    March 8, 2015 - 6:18 pm

    lovely! I really like this project. I would like to make a similar project when I get a craft sewing machine.