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A Hybrid Halloween

Hey everyone… Jess here to start off the Halloween week with a little hybrid inspiration for you!
I whipped up two quick and easy projects using this digi element pack from the Pink Paislee digital store:

pp-phantom-elements_grandeI can think of a hundred things to do with these but today I’ll show you a t-shirt transfer and printing on fabric.

First up is a cute little toddler t-shirt for my daughter. I used the “spooky” image for this, plus an inexpensive shirt and a small piece of iron-on image transfer paper.

1. Open the .png file in your photo editing software and size it to what you are making.  I used it at full size for the shirt.
2. You’ll need to reverse the image to ensure the word isn’t backwards!  You can either flip the image horizontally in the software or find the “mirror image” setting in the print menu.
3. Set your printer to “plain/basic white paper”
4. If you are not using a full sheet of transfer paper simply adhere it to a full size sheet as I did here and print:

Spooky Shirt_printed5. Trim around the image.  I like to trim very close to the image to prevent more of the transfer material from showing after it is ironed on.

Spooky Shirt_cut6. Place the transfer image side down on top of your shirt and iron according to the manufacturers instructions.  Let the transfer cool for a few minutes before peeling the paper backing.

7. Dress up your spooky little sweetheart!

Spooky Lily_small

Spooky Lily2_smallThe second project is a home decor frame and it would be a great little hostess gift if you have a Halloween party to attend!

You can print directly onto many fabrics.  I love the look of muslin but any smooth, light colored fabric with a little weight will work.  For this project you’ll need the skull/poison image from the digi element pack, a small piece of muslin, adhesive, cardstock, a 4×6 frame, ribbon, and embellishments.

1. Open the skull image in your image software and size it to your project.  For my 4×6 frame I printed it at about 3″ square.
2. Use spray adhesive on a piece of 8.5×11 cardstock and lay an ironed piece of muslin over it.  If you don’t have spray adhesive I have heard of others having luck with regular adhesive tape or clear tape on the sides.  But I can assure you that spray adhesive works beautifully (just use it outside or prepare to have adhesive everywhere!)

Poison Frame_adhesive3. Trim the edges of the muslin flush to the paper and send it through the printer on “plain/basic white paper” setting.

Poison Frame_printed4. Peel the fabric off the backing.  Cut a 4×6 piece of chipboard and layer a 4×6 piece of white cardstock on top.
5. You can chose to cut the muslin to size or simply wrap the muslin around the 4×6 backing, depending on what your frame will accommodate.
6. Add a ribbon bow across the bottom of the frame.  Embellish the bow with a tassel (from the Nantucket collection!), charm, and some buttons/brads.

Poison Frame_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee

Poison Frame detail_Jess Mutty_Pink PaisleeThanks for popping by today and have a happy and safe Halloween!

Pink Paislee supplies: Phantom Element Pack, Nantucket Tassels, Twilight Brads


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One Response to "A Hybrid Halloween"

  • TracyM #6773
    October 29, 2013 - 4:31 am

    SUPER CUTE t-shirt and model!!!
    Fab frame too – thank you for the inspiration :)