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Project Life Focus: Cyber Style

Happy Cyber Monday Everyone! Colleen here to kick off our week of “pocket scrapping”. I am sure many of you have heard of this system, as it is known more commonly as “ Project Life®” It is a wonderful way to capture memories in so many different levels. Fellow scrappers are quickly placing their daily, weekly, or monthly life into small pockets of different sized page protectors. I think of it as a “K.I.S.S.” (keep it simple sweetie) scrapping format.

It is a speedy way to document life by combining photos and memories. No more guilt because you haven’t done anything with the pictures you have hiding on your hard drive. It is a great way to sneak in ephemera, like the receipts from a restaurant that you love or how about a little note from some who loves you. It reminds me of small notebook that my in-laws had kept with all of their purchases for one year. There were handwritten lists of how much each item was at the grocery store, fuel bills, clothing, etc. It is a true piece of mom and dad’s history and now it is the most coveted book in the family treasures. Everything that you document today will be enjoyed by your loved ones in the years to come.


I will have to say that putting together a digital page of pocket scrapping is pretty quick too. It is a nice change of pace. No need to create a master piece, just capture the moments of everyday. The kit I used is called “Hey Kid” – Lots of fun colors and patterns to play with and I am looking forward to creating more projects with Hey Kid.

I do a lot of kit scrapping and was finding it frustrating to use Adobe Mini Bridge because it is a bit slow and difficult to actually see what I wanted to place on my page. I was shown how to write a script that stacks your selected items in full size to a PSD file. It has made my search for items a bit quicker and would love to share it to you. Let me show you how this has changed the way I scrap.


Go to Files>Scripts>Load files into Stack

Pic2Select Browse. This is where you will search for the files you would like to stack. I choose to stack some elements from the Hey Kid collection. Open the desired folder and select the items you want in your stack. I did a Select All and then Okay. Photoshop will now start writing the script. It can take a bit if you are creating a large file.


I moved all of the elements to a blank document. Moved them around so I can see everything. When I see an element I want to use, I just click and drag it to the page I am working on. Keep in mind, if this is a kit you will use again, you can save it. I do a “Save as” and name it something else like HeyKidElementsPackage.psd in another location. Give it a try. It may save you some time too!

Don’t forget to grab any of our fabulous digital products in the shop for 25% off today only using code: cybermonday and have a great week following our pocket scrapping tips!


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  • Jean A Marmo
    November 4, 2013 - 3:47 pm

    This is just too cute!