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Kids Kreations: Confetti Hearts

Don’t you love crafting with the kids?  This year we will be showcasing lots of ways to involve the little ones so they can make some “kid kreations” using your everyday craft supplies!

I will be the first to admit that I get a little uptight about kids art projects.  I’m definitely the mom who winces at mixing Play-Doh colors and smearing finger paints into a pea soup color.  But sometimes a holiday just calls for kid involvement and Valentine’s Day is at the top of the list! Who doesn’t love getting a handmade greeting from a little one?  Their “mistakes” only add character and the joy you can see from them expressing their love far outweighs my need for perfection.

So join me today in involving your little ones in the crafting fun! My four year old son, Owen, and I joined forces to create this hanging heart pouch for his daddy.

Hanging Heart Pouch_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
The center heart started out as a bunch of patterned paper confetti.  Confetti + four year old = fun! I gave him a piece of cardstock, a glue stick and the cut paper and told him to go to town on the center of the page:

Valentine Confetti_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
He thought this was a pretty fun activity and I was able to keep him occupied for a while doing this… score!

I traced a heart on the back of the finished confetti paper and cut it out.  The outer doily hearts (one for the back and one for the front) are die cuts.  I layered the confetti heart in the center and embellished off to the right, leaving most of the confetti area visible.  Gotta show off that sweet preschool art!

Hanging Heart Pouch detail1_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
I mixed papers and embellishments from both Hey Kid and Color Wash, with a couple of touches from the Sentiment Series collection.  I bound the hearts together at the bottom doily edge by winding ribbon through the holes.  It holds the pouch together well but allows plenty of opening in which to stuff things!

Hanging Heart Pouch detail4_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
I love adding texture and small details so I added a few hearts dangling from the bottom and another layered heart at the top bow.  Make sure you attach your ribbon with a strong adhesive if you plan on filling the pouch with anything heavy, like candy!

Hanging Heart Pouch detail2_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
Hanging Heart Pouch detail3_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
Owen was pretty excited when I showed him the finished project and was delighted that his confetti art was the focus.  I know his dad will be just as touched.  And I got some creative time with my little guy… I have nothing but love for that!


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2 Responses to "Kids Kreations: Confetti Hearts"

  • Melissa Morrelli
    February 10, 2014 - 1:37 am

    I can totally relate with my OCD and all :). Your and your son’s project turned out to cute! Such a fun idea. Thanks!

  • Jean A Marmo
    February 10, 2014 - 2:57 pm

    This is just wonderful!!