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DIY I Made That: Pin Cushion

Doing It Yourself is doing it best in my book! I’ve been a general crafter since childhood and if there’s a craft out there I’ve probably tried it.  Paper is clearly nearest and dearest to my heart but I harbor a not-so-secret love for fabric and thread too.  Today I’m showing you my Pinterest inspired DIY project that spoke to both the papercrafter in me and the sewist.

This pin made me want a pin cushion jar of my own:

I have jars, fabric, and lots of pins! And a lot of loose sewing stuff that needs corralling.  Even better, I started thinking about how this would be a super cute gift.  Filled with ribbons, buttons, and trinkets it would be perfect for a scrapbooker or include a DIY needle book and fill the jar with spools and a measuring tape and it would be a great little housewarming, thank you, or Mother’s Day present.

Sewing Set_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
The pin cushion jar is so simple.  I cut a round of fabric larger than the lid insert, sewed a gathering stitch around the edge, stuffed it with batting, and inserted the lid, hot gluing the gathered fabric bottom to the lid underside.  I added an optional ribbon loop for holding favorite needles.  Then I popped the pin cushion into the screw top ring and it fit right back on the jar.

Pin Cushion Jar front_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
Embellishing was easy with a border punched strip around the lid and a little twine to tie on the banner I made from paper pennants and popped up chip letters.

Pin Cushion Jar back_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
I also made this sweet “stitch love” needle book to hold extra needles.  It’s a vintage idea with a modern Pen Pals look!

Needle Book_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
I sewed a rectangle of the traditional felt right to the outer paper for the inside needle fabric.  It doesn’t dull the needles and it is self healing.  I made sure to secure the closing ribbon under several layers of embellishment so the book could be closed even with the bulk of felt and needles inside.

Needle Book open_Jess Mutty_Pink Paislee
It was great fun to get crafty with a DIY project this month and it reminded me how easy it is to incorporate my papercrafting supplies into other areas.  I am now looking at craft projects with new eyes and adding all sorts of ideas to my to-do list!

Pink Paislee collections used: Pen Pals