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Paper Play: Gift Box Topper

Beautiful paper just has to be shared and beautiful packages made with beautiful paper are cherished gifts. It truly makes me happy to make the outside of a gift so pretty that the recipient dares to open the package.

paper play-5

Today I am going to show you one way I play with paper to make a present topper that is perfect for a spring gift. A flower topper that is made completely out of paper. The Hello Sunshine collection is such a beautiful hello to spring and the 12×12 paper pad is the only item I used from that collection to create a gift not wanting to be opened.

paper play-1

1. Cut several petal shapes from pattern paper. The shape is sort of like a heart, only the top has three scallops trimmed out.

paper play-2

2. Roll petals around stylus to give shape. The wide part rolls back, the small end rolls up as shown.

paper play-3

3. Hot glue petals to form flower. The first layer is about four petals. The second layer overlaps the first. This flower has about four layers total.

paper play-4

4. Cut about a 2 inch strip of pattern paper, and fringe edge to be the middle of the flower. Roll this around in a tight circle, and trim as desired for the middle of the flower.

paper play-9

5. Hot glue the middle in place in the center of the flower. Flatten and fluff the fringed pieces as desired.

paper play-7

Now, layer the flower over a doily, tuck in a swatch of tulle. Notch some pattern paper and tuck in as well. Hot glue all the layers together to be sure they stay put.

paper play-11

Before attaching to the top of the gift box, be sure to tuck in a little something something in your box to let the recipient know you are thinking of them and wishing them all good things.

Collection Used:Hello Sunshine Paper Pad.


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