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Father’s Day: Tag Album

fathers day tag journal album-1

A tradition around our household for Father’s Day is plenty of display of affection. One way I have accomplished that for my husband from his kiddos is by creating a tag album that provides plenty of space for them to share their sentiment of dear o’ Dad.

fathers day tag journal album-2

This year’s album utilizes the Switchboard collection to be home to my kids photos as well as hidden spaces for their words to their Dad.

fathers day tag journal album-3

So this is how it goes…as with most of my albums, I usually create a pattern to follow. Here is how the pattern goes: start with a shipping tag and add photo along with embellishments of pattern paper and elements from the Switchboard assortment.

fathers day tag journal album-4

Next comes the 3×4 pocket card. Each of the cards added to this album are arrayed slightly different as you will see. The journal card is where the photo’d child will share their Father’s Day sentiments for their Dad. I just have always loved having these photos and words all in one place.

fathers day tag journal album-5

The third part of this pattern is a die cut piece of kraft paper that is also embellished with further adornment. I will more than likely add my own words to these blank spaces.

fathers day tag journal album-6

And now the pattern repeats…this time I added the photo to vellum ephemera that is layered over a stamped shipping tag. The stamp used here is from the Switchboard Stamp Set.

fathers day tag journal album-7

This time the 3×4 pocket card is slipped inside a glassine bag from my stash.

fathers day tag journal album-8

And the kraft die cut is embellished with assorted pieces from Switchboard.

fathers day tag journal album-9

Following a pattern for multiple pages of an album makes it really easy to create. Just change up the papers and layers and each page looks unique, even though it is simply a repeat from before.

fathers day tag journal album-10

This time the pocket card actually covers up where the journaling will be placed. Just another way to change it up.

fathers day tag journal album-11

Some of the shipping tags were stenciled using Color Shine. It was fun to play with this contrast against the colors of the album.

fathers day tag journal album-12

The journal card here stays in place with a paper strap that is wrapped around the background paper.

fathers day tag journal album-13

This die cut is from the American Crafts Digital Shop, ACDigitals.com. I simply shrunk it down to a smaller scale before cutting. Again, more words and hearts to add more sentiment.

fathers day tag journal album-14

One cannot always guarantee what kind of photo they may or may not get from the teenage male.

fathers day tag journal album-15

His journal card is hidden away in a tiny bag also found in my stash. But I could have made a pattern paper pocket as well. So many ways to hide these pocket cards and sweet words of affection for any father figure on Father’s Day.

Collection Used: Switchboard