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The Backstory – the less than perfect pictures.

OK -so how many pictures have you avoided scrapping because they are less than perfect? Yup, I have a few too. Well, today’s backstory is how I decided to scrap some of these less than perfect pictures.

I took these pictures of the kids when we were baking together. This was a time when I was thinking about getting a better camera but wasn’t really up on adjusting for the lighting and my setting. What I didn’t want to do is to highlight the yellow hues or really showcase the flaws. Editing was not helping. Changing the pictures to black and white took away from the fun of the white flour on my son’s face. So the plan became to just scrap them as is.

Adventures in Baking layout by Sarah Webb @Sarah Webb @Pink Paislee #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #DIY #solstice #hellosunshine
As you can see, I chose to move away (a little) from my linear style. The circles helped change the focus of the page and add a pop of color. I picked off whites or light color to back the two bigger pictures. The colors in the smaller picture were more balanced so I framed it in white.

SB & Pocket Pages-038
Small bits of color let the pictures be more of the focus, again without showcasing the fact that they are actually really yellow -the light blue helps balance them a bit.

SB & Pocket Pages-039

The other thing I did was pick some of my favorite items from a couple of collections. It’s easy to love a page when you love the products!

I hope I’ve inspired you and given you a few ideas around scrapping some of your less than perfect photos!

Collections used: Pen Pals, Hello Sunshine, Solstice


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One Response to "The Backstory – the less than perfect pictures."

  • Katrina Hunt
    October 8, 2014 - 9:05 pm

    What a great post!! We all have pictures like this!!! :) And I love your page!!!! HUGS!