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Design Lab: My Layout Formula

There Is Only Love Layout @greatestview @PinkPaislee #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #DIY #bellarouge

Not every project I create looks the same (obviously) but I do include certain common elements for them all. I think part of developing a personal “style” of paper crafting is finding out what you do like and don’t like and then repeating those that you do like.

For this Design Lab post, I’ve created a layout with the gorgeous new Bella Rouge collection, that includes all my go-to techniques! Ready to learn my magic formula?

There Is Only Love Layout @greatestview @PinkPaislee #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #DIY #bellarouge

1. Lots of layers. I love nothing more than adding lots of lovely layers of complementary patterned paper. I usually start by adding a border of patterned paper and build up layers underneath my photo area.

2. Embellishment clusters. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I also like to layer and combine different textures and heights of embellishments to create little clusters. Foam dots and word stickers are two of my favorite supplies when it comes to this.

There Is Only Love Layout @greatestview @PinkPaislee #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #DIY #bellarouge

3. Mist splatters. I love to add a bit of interest to a plain cardstock background with a few splatters of a coordinating mist.

4. Stitching. A machine stitched border is an easy way to make a layout look “finished”. I love using white top-stitching thread for this!

There Is Only Love Layout @greatestview @PinkPaislee #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #DIY #bellarouge

5. Meaningful journalling. I like to go beyond the basic date and name facts and try to add more of the backstory and emotion.

6. Photo Focus. All of the element on the layout are always there to enhance and lead the eye to my photo/s. That (to me) is the most important part of my formula.

There Is Only Love Layout @greatestview @PinkPaislee #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #DIY #bellarouge

 When I combine all these elements, the result is a beautiful, meaningful layout that I love, and that’s the most important thing after all! Thanks for joining me today and I’d love to hear if you have some tried and tested elements that make up your style formula!

Collection Used: Bella Rouge



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  • jamie
    November 19, 2014 - 11:27 am

    fun ideas and insight! ~j