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The BackStory: Everyday Photos

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layout

Welcome to another segment of “The BackStory”! Today I am sharing the story behind why I chose the photographs for this particular layout. You see, as a scrapbooker, I am always photographing big moments, holidays, or our fun trips.  But just recently I realized that I should also document the everyday moments as well- even something as boring as my little pooch laying on the back of the couch. Just because something happens every day, doesn’t mean that it will happen every day forever. So I wanted to document this not-so-exciting everyday ritual with a fun layout using the Bella Rouge collection. And I love the way it turned out!

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layoutThe coordinating big, bold acrylic letters were perfect for my title.  I love that they make a big statement on my layout! Notice too that I cut little hearts out of patterned paper and placed them at the end of each word for dramatic effect.  Yes, my little pooch lays on the back of the couch. Every. Single. Day. And to further emphasize repetition and add a fun effect, I made small 1″ tall photo strips from 3 different photos and placed them under each word in my title.

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layout
I had a lot of fun making the chevron design at the bottom of my page and I think you would too. Here’s how!  I first started with a rectangular piece of scrap paper sized to 3 1/2″ tall and 4 3/4″ wide. On the left hand side I marked halfway (1 3/4″) down.  I then used a ruler to make a triangular piece that would be the corner I cut off.  I then used that corner piece as a template to mark my cut lines on the remaining 3 corners.

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layout

I then had my modified diamond shaped template that I used to trace and cut out for my main photograph.

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layoutI then used the edge of the main template to make a chevron template for the side chevrons. I traced one side  “V” and moved my template over about 1/2″ inch and traced another “V” to make my chevron template. I then just traced the chevron template onto different patterned papers and cut them out.

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layout

I love the fun look that the chevron shapes give this layout!

Every Single Day layout @pinkpaislee @lovestoscrap123 #pinkpaislee #ppbellarouge #layout

Thanks for joining us today! I hope you have enjoyed my  “BackStory” and I have inspired you to document everyday activities!

Collection: Bella Rouge


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