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National Photography Month: Insta Memories!

National Photography Month: Insta Memories! @pinkpaislee @gina_lideros #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #scrapbooking #instagramphotos #printing

I have a really nice DSLR camera, yet so many of the photos of my daily life are taken with my phone.   Some of my most favorite photos were taken with my phone.  It seems that the phone is quickly becoming a replacement for my DSLR, because of it’s size and convenience.

Once you learn how to send pictures directly  from your phone to print it will change your life.  Don’t let your digital phone pictures stay lost in cyberspace forever, print those babies out!

I love the square format pictures that Instagram offers when you upload your photos to their app.  When I start working on a layout, I always take into consideration first, if I will be working with the typical 4″x6″ photo or a square Instagram photo.  I love both sizes and sometimes have a hard time choosing between the two.  It just depends on what style I am going for, because the shape of your photo(s) and how you choose to frame it can change the design drastically.

National Photography Month:  Insta Memories! @pinkpaislee @gina_lideros #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #scrapbooking  #instagramphotos #printing

 When you create an Instagram photo, did you know that it gets saved directly in your pictures gallery, in your phone?  Give it a try, go to your gallery icon on your phone, and then Albums > Instagram.  In this folder, you will find all of the square images that you have saved to Instagram (and the best part is that they have automatically saved as square!).  When you click on a photo within your gallery, you will see a sub menu of options across the top (or bottom) of your photo, depending on if you have an Android phone or Iphone.  Click on the “Share To” icon (this is the icon that looks like a sideways V shape with 3 dots on it.  From this icon, you can choose where to share your photo.  If you own a Canon wi-fi computer or a Canon Selphy, you can send photos directly to their CanonEPP app and queue them to print instantly (you will need to download their app first) Note:  There are other brands on the market that offer wi-fi printers and apps as well.  For this tutorial I am using my Canon Selphy CP900 wifi printer.

Send your photo(s) to print using the steps above.  To print square Instagram photos, you will need to pick the bordered option within the CanonEPP printing app.  If you skip this step your photo will be long and elongated and most likely chopped off.

The picture I used below has a white background, so it may be hard to tell, but I selected the bordered option, so it printed as square.

National Photography Month: Insta Memories! @pinkpaislee @gina_lideros #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #scrapbooking #instagramphotos #printing

Once, your photos are printed out, trim them and prep them to use on your projects.  The Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss Insta kits, were designed to fit Instagram photos perfectly.

National Photography Month: Insta Memories! @pinkpaislee @gina_lideros #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #scrapbooking #instagramphotos #printing

 I simply trimmed my photos and then framed them with frames, sheets and overlays from the kit.  They made a great addition to my page, and you are sure to love them whether you are a traditional scrapbooker or a pocket scrapbooker.

Gina Lideros Photography PP sneak5

 Once your photos have been framed, add them to your layout, embellish and enjoy!

National Photography Month: Insta Memories! @pinkpaislee @gina_lideros #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #scrapbooking #instagramphotos #printing

National Photography Month: Insta Memories! @pinkpaislee @gina_lideros #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #scrapbooking #instagramphotos #printing

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to get your photos off of your phone and onto your page!


Collection Used: Citrus Bliss


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