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National Photography Month: Snapseed Tutorial

@pinkpaislee @evelynpy Citrus Bliss Snapseed Photography Tutorial

I prefer to use my Iphone to capture everyday moment. No time for me to focus and take my DSLR hoping it can capture my daily photos of me especially of my baby boy who still 11 mos. When I find a perfect moment with my baby, I use my Iphone and take some photos. But the result isn’t that good especially if you are in the dark room. Today to celebrate National Photography I wanna share how I use editing photo app that you can get it for free for your Iphone or Android – Snapseed.

Snapseed is the one of the easy editing app that you can use to develop your photos. Actually this app become my fav and I believe you will love it to especially if you love white and a clean style and also if you are a  busy mom who loves taking pictures!

I have 3 photos that I took using my Iphone, they are outdoor photos but yes it still need to be edited and you can edit by using Snapseed.

@pinkpaislee @evelynpy Citrus Bliss Snapseed Photography Tutorial

Step by Step to develop your Image in Snapseed:

  • Open Snapseed App
  • Choose your photo and open it in Snapseed (you can edit only one photo, can’t multiple photos because it’s an cellphone app)
  • Choose Tune Image to develop your photo and you will find brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation and warm.
  • If you want to start develop it, choose which menu you want to use (press the iphone or android screen lil bit longer) and if you feel your photo under exposure choose brightness and you can adjust it (swap to the right or left)
  • After you finish choose check button, you can save it to your camera roll or share it to your Instagram account.

In this app you also crop your photo into Instagram size: 1:1 and you also can straighten.

@pinkpaislee @evelynpy Citrus Bliss Snapseed Photography Tutorial

@pinkpaislee @evelynpy Citrus Bliss Snapseed Photography Tutorial

This is  how I develop my photos:

–          Brightness: +56

–          Contrast (to make your photo look sharp): +5

–          Saturation (to pop up the colors of your photo): +5

–          Shadows (to reduce the shadows looks): +10

–          Warmth (to make your photo look more warm, it has yellow tone but not to much: +3

I know its not easy especially if you are newbie using it, but more practice make you perfect!

This is my layout using some photos that I took using my Iphone, edited it using Snapseed, plus using the Citrus Bliss collection. I’m not biggest fans of green but I love this green color in the collection, they are perfect to decorate my photos.

@pinkpaislee @evelynpy Citrus Bliss Snapseed Photography Tutorial

I printed out one photo as my background, I’m not scared using big photo as my background. I love this photo of me and my baby boy, we are enjoying our afternoon at the coffee shop near my house. I used all my Instagram sized photos I edited and added them all into my layout.

Sweet Life Details 4 by Evelynpy

I choose some InstaKit items in the package as small photo background, I choose my fav color yellow, the green one which match with the photo and also the gold transparency. I decorate 4 photos of me, hubby and Jasper, did some layering but not to much. And mixed some fonts into one layout.

Sweet Life Details 3 by Evelynpy

@pinkpaislee @evelynpy Citrus Bliss Snapseed Photography Tutorial

Its time to download the app. It will make you feel like a pro! Print your photos and scrap them using Citrus Bliss.

Collection use: Citrus Bliss


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