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The Style File: Layering Clear Elements

Prolog Clear Ephmera by Evelynpy

There will always a first time for everyone in everything and I wanted to create a swimming layout of my baby Jasper. Who really enjoyed his day at the swimming pool for the first time.  I chose Atlas  Collection because you can find great pattern paper which has perfect colors for your summer layouts! I also played with clear ephemera and some insta overlays.

Spread Your Wings Atlas by Evelynpy

As you can see in this layout I used three photos of him, because I’m so excited and love the photos so much. The grid design makes it easy to use the photos designed with overlays and easy to add some layering with clear ephemeras and chipboard stickers.

Spread Your Wings Atlas Details3 by Evelynpy


I pasted the clear ephemera using glue (UHU) not too much though and decorated it using blue enamels that you can also find in the Atlas Collection.


Spread Your Wings Layering Overlays and Clear Ephmera Atlas by Evelynpy

I mixed layers using overlays (the golden stars) with clear ephemera and chipboard stickers. They are so pretty and I love the final result. One they were all dried I chose a neutral background and pasted it all together.

Spread Your Wings Atlas Details1 by Evelynpy

On the last one I kept a simple layering, using those pretty camera ephemera and pasted some journaling.

To be honest, it is my first time creating a layout which focuses on overlays and clear ephemera, I found it to be so easy and fun! I really enjoyed my final layout! I hope this post inspires you.

Collection: Atlas


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