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Washi Tape: Dream Clipboard

Hello! Anna here; today I want to share a fun way to use washi tapes. I started to make some changes to my scrap room corner, so I decided to use a pre-printed gallery print from the Memorandum Gallery Print Pad! Then we screwed the clipboard from Memorandum to the wall so I can clip up anything I want! The first item I made is a self-made motivational poster about dreams.

Washi Tape: Dream Clipboard @pinkpaislee @akossakovskaya #pinkpaislee #diy #clipboard #ppMemorandum

As you can see below the washi tapes booklets are in sheets so there are no rolls to store. I love that I get several designs and shapes in 1 pack!

Washi Tape: Dream Clipboard @pinkpaislee @akossakovskaya #pinkpaislee #diy #clipboard #ppMemorandum

Here I used the washi tape as small details and accents and also I made four letters from word ‘dream’ with these tapes. The Letter R will be a sticker. To make these letters:

  1. Take your favorite letter-dies and rectangle die and prepare washi tape.
  2. Stick washi tapes one after another on the white cardstock.
  3. With letter dies – cut letters you need from white cardstock and cut sheet with washi tapes on pieces of the desired size.
  4. With foam tape stick letters on washi tapes.

Washi Tape: Dream Clipboard @pinkpaislee @akossakovskaya #pinkpaislee #diy #clipboard #ppMemorandum

And here are some details. Handmade letters add some dimensions to the project and also I added small composition on the top of the poster. So this clipboard will remind me not afraid to dream more.

Washi Tape: Dream Clipboard @pinkpaislee @akossakovskaya #pinkpaislee #diy #clipboard #ppMemorandumCollection Used: Memorandum

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