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MemoryDex: Grateful

@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppMemorandum #memorydex #gratitude

About this time every year I start getting ready for what I call “Attitude of Gratitude,” a month-long focus in November on becoming more thankful. I usually keep some kind of journal, but when I saw the Heidi Swapp MemoryDex and the accompanying Pink Paislee Memorandum product, I just knew it would be a fabulous new format to try!

@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppMemorandum #memorydex #gratitude

@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppMemorandum #memorydex #gratitude

Inspired by the alphabet tab cards in the MemoryDex line, I decided to create an “ABC’s” of gratitude. I used Heidi Swapp Minc alphas and gold foil to create my alphabet. Each letter was placed on a Memorandum divider, card, or piece of patterned paper cut with a MemoryDex die.

@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #memorydex #ppMemorandum #gratitude


@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppMemorandum #memorydex #gratitude

I embellished with Memorandum washi tape and stickers, as well as punched shapes. I added Memorandum stickers and a few Citrus Bliss stickers to the die-cut photos. I slipped in Memorandum acetate dividers and even a few glassine bags and tags. I left plenty of room for more cards, photos and notes so that my family and I could add to the MemoryDex throughout November.

@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppMemorandum

I love how easy it is to tuck a new “page” into the mix. Unlike a mini album, I can easily add things to each section whenever I want. Plus, it’s fun to “spin” the cards around and watch as my family’s faces go by. And what’s not to love about the trendy Memorandum collection?

@tessa_buys @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppMemorandum #gratitude #memorydex

If you’d like to see my MemoryDex piece by piece, check out this video on my YouTube channel. My MemoryDex is ready – what will you do with yours?

Collections used: Memorandum, Citrus Bliss

@pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee @tessa_buys


One Response to "MemoryDex: Grateful"

  • Ann
    October 13, 2015 - 11:53 am

    Super creative designs. Using the photos is so fun.