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Designers Choice: A week in my life!

Besides expressing my creativity on a layout, or in a mini album, I like to document my memories on my planners. I simply love to flip through the pages and recollect the many memories which I’ve collect throughout the months. At the beginning of each new year, the pages seem so clean and waiting to be filled. At the end of the year, it is always filled to the brim. Not only with notes and journaling jotted down. Sweet embellishments are also filled to the brim!

I like the idea of changing the front page in the planner. A monthly dashboard to indicate the current month.

Pink Paislee Cedar Lane Thanksgiving gratitude. @emelineseet for @pinkpaislee


I made use of Cedar Lane’s acetate and created an overlay for this month’s dash board. I like how I could stick my stickies and other little paper notes. Somewhat like my mini inspiration board.

Pink Paislee Cedar @emeline for @pinkpaislee


Besides writing down my mundane routine schedule, I like to reminisce happenings which happened exactly a year ago and give thanks. Looking back on good and bad times always makes me feel grateful. Appreciate the past and move on into the future.




Collection: Cedar Lane

SIGGIES_Small_Emeline Seet

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