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Circles: Container Tutorial

Hello there my friends. Today I’m here to show you how to make your very own woven containers and it all starts with two very important circles for the base. I picked these nice, thick wood pieces up at my local craft store. Here are all of the other supplies you’ll need. (Not pictured: acrylic paint, hammer.)


Start out by trimming your patterned papers into strips. For the large circle I wanted to do a variety of patterns. For the smaller circle I used a single sheet of paper that was already designed with the ombre effect.


Now take your circle and draw a faint line just inside the entirety of the border. This will serve as your guide for where to hammer the nails. It’s important that they are all at the same distance from the outside edge. This way your weaving can maintain the circle. I picked up the longest nails I cold find at the hardware store so that my container could be as tall as possible.

step 1

Now go ahead and finish the circle by hammering in the nails. It’s not crucial that the distance between the nails be equal. I just eyeball it and make sure that they stay on the line I drew. (Be careful not to give yourself Fred Flintstone thumbs!)

step 2

Make sure all of the nails are stuck securely in place. No wiggling! Then you are ready to paint. Some low-cost acrylics will do the trick.

step 4

step 5

Give plenty of time for your paint to dry and you are ready for the next step.

step 6

Weaving! As you can see below I tucked one end of the paper behind a nail and then just began alternating in front of, and behind each nail respectively.

step 8

About halfway around the circle you will run out of paper. Just grab another strip and tuck it in front of or behind the last one and continue the weaving.

step 9

Once I had all of my papers in place I took little adhesive dots to secure the ends. I love the way all of those different patterns and colors look lined up next to each other. I also love how different the inside and outside of the container look.

step 10

There you have it. Your very own woven circle containers! And look, depending on whether or not you alternate the weaving, you will have different designs for them as well. Cool, huh?

done 3done2

Elizabeth Gardner

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