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Favorite Technique: Layered Punches

I’m SO excited to show my favorite technique to you! One of my absolute favorite things to do these days is to layer punched papers. There is just something so satisfying about putting layer after layer together and then fluffing up the edges. You can see a peek of each paper and it kinda rocks my world. Here’s a look at what I’m talking about…

tech closeUsually layering just three pieces together does the trick. You staple or sew them to the page. Then you pull up the edges with your fingers, kind of rough them up a bit. This is what enables the bottom layers to peek through.

technique full

I especially dig how the pieces using this technique look from the side. AND you can do this with any shape or style of punch. Hey – it might be cool to even do it with letters for a title. Hmmm. See! Using your favorite technique can even inspire new ideas!

tech close 2
tech close 3Elizabeth Gardner

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