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Free for All: Leaf Wreath Tutorial

“Anything goes” is pretty much the best creative assignment ever! I’m sure you’re going to see all kinds of cool things this week. Today I was asked to make a tutorial to share. I chose to do something I’ve never done before and made an entirely handmade wreath. Let me show you how this came together:


First I gathered the supplies. (not pictured: glue gun and sticks)

tutorial suppliesNow hand sketch some leaves in various sizes on your favorite patterned papers. They don’t have to be exact, just wing it.

step 1Cut out all of your leaves. Again, they don’t have to be perfect or even symmetrical.  Then you’re going to fold each one in half, like so…

step 3Now sort of curl the paper back over the fold so that it mimics what a real leaf looks like with the vein in the middle…

step 4Crinkle up that bad boy here and there so it looks like it just tumbled out of the tree. This is obviously not an exact science. Have fun with it. Each one should come out differently and that’s a good thing! No two leaves are exactly alike when they fall from a tree.

step 5Repeat with about a million more leaves (ok, more like about 60)…

step 6Don’t you just want to jump in this big pile of leafy goodness? Hellooooo fall.

step 7It’s time to glue them in place. Try not to burn off your own fingerprints. I put one nicely spaced layer on first, alternating the patterns here and there..

step 8Then you’ll want to overlap them, glueing each leaf into place one by one.

step 9It looks a little something like this:

step 11It fills out nicely if you overlap leaves in every opening. I like the super layered look. None of the base should be showing through from any angle.

step 12

step 13Add some flowers for good measure. Just pop the tops off of the flowers and hot glue them in a cluster to one side.

step 14Finish it off with a bow you’ve tied out of the yarn.

step 15Now you’ve made your very own fall-themed wreath. You probably feel pretty great about that! Enjoy, and I’ll see you next time!

tutorial final

tutorial close blog

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