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Best Friends: Wall Hanging Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to make a special gift for the best friend in your life. The perfect way to house all of your fun photos and bits and pieces that remind you of your relationship. Lets get started with the supplies… I repurposed an old tray the I had used for previous decor, my favorite 6×6 patterned paper pad, and a mix of embellishments with different textures.

best friend suppliesPrint out some photos with the size of little boxes in mind. I like to vary the sizes for visual interest. Start to think about where you might want to balance with patterned papers and embellishments.

2To be sure you have the right fit for each box just lay the paper on top of whatever size you choose and make little pencil marks so you know where to cut (you can see mine at the very bottom of this photo), then use a paper trimmer to make a straight cut.

3Start to place in layers of embellishments and paper. I like to use really sticky adhesive once I’m sure everything is in a place that I’m happy with. This is designed to hang on a wall or stand up so it’s important to make sure all of the elements will stay in place.

45 It’s a good idea to keep color in mind when placing your elements as well as various textures. It just adds a little something to the design if you have these things balanced out on the project.

6Have some fun with the layering and even think outside of the box (literally!) as far as placement goes.

Alter a tray to celebrate and display a special friendship! by @elizgardner for @pinkpaislee 9bff full close bffs full There you have it, a nice little celebration of the BFF’s in your life!

Alter a tray to celebrate and display a special friendship! by @elizgardner for @pinkpaislee

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