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Christmas: No Peeking Layout

Hello and happy holidays my dear Pink Paislee friends. Making holiday pages and projects is one of my very favorite things to do. This month I was asked to create a page with a Christmas theme. Right away I new what I wanted to make. That’s how this page came about.christmas style Paper trees were on the agenda for this project. I trimmed various strips of patterned pieces and then fringe┬ácut them and layered them into trees. Once they were glued into place I used the tips of my fingers to ruffle up the edges. I love this unique look for a holiday page. You don’t always have to use “holiday” lines for these types of projects!christmas close christmas close 2christmas fullNow, no peeking at those gifts, you! You can shake them all you want, but absolutely NO peeking (at least that’s the rule in our house.) Happiest of holidays to you and yours, be sure to hug your loved ones close and soak up every second!christmas style 2Elizabeth Gardner copy

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