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New Year: Goals

Every year, like most of you, I choose one word to focus on. I like to create a visual reminder or two to keep me on track throughout the year. That was the idea behind this project. It’s something I put a lot of thought into. For 2017 I chose the word “thrive.” I took the time to write out exactly what that looks like for me on this wall hanging. Even if I’m not reading it every day, seeing it will remind me what I set out to do.

new year There really is just something about writing things out and seeing them that makes them more tangible. Don’t you think? I’m a big believer in writing down your thoughts and goals and the New Year is one of my favorite times to do that.

new year close

new year closed new year styleThis year I will thrive. What are your goals? Your special word? What will 2017 hold for you? Whatever it is, make it a good one.

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