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Scraplift Yourself: Thickers Tutorial

@gail_lindner @pinkpaislee A step-by-step tutorial to create a fabulous Thickers background!

I just love the theme on the blog this week of scraplifting yourself! I mean, once you define your style, doesn’t it make sense that you would want to stick to it! I want to remind you of a layout I created earlier this year that I just LOVE! I’ll link the original blog post here.

I thought it would be fun to scraplift the idea of creating a background feature of Thickers and this time I’ll take you through step-by-step how I did it! For this project I used the fabulous gold foil and white pearl Thickers from the Take Me Away collection.

pp Thickers 1
So let’s get into it shall we?

1. Trace and cut a circle out of cardstock. (I simply use a plate to trace around). Take a piece of wax paper that’s a bit larger than the circle and use washi tape to adhere the circle underneath the wax paper.

pp Step 1
2. Place your Thickers onto the wax paper to cover the circle. Start with the larger words and fill in the gaps with smaller stickers. Be sure to have some Thickers overhanging the circle edge. The wax paper comes in handy as you can reposition them if you need to!

pp Step 2
3. Take some sharp scissors and cut around the circle and wax paper, trimming off the Thickers that are overhanging.

pp Step 3
4. Prepare your background. For this project I have layered white cardstock with a patterned paper border. I’ve also added stitching, mist, and a couple of embellishments.

pp Step 4
5. It’s time to transfer the Thickers onto the background. There are 2 ways you can do this:
– the first way is to use Press’n’Seal (the last time I was in the USA I stocked up on this amazing product as we don’t have it in Australia!) Lay the Press’n’Seal over the Thickers and press down to ensure they’re all stuck. Turn it over and carefully remove the wax paper. Then you can flip the Thickers onto your background, press them down, and carefully remove the Press’n’Seal!
– If you don’t have any Press’n’Seal, it’s a matter of carefully removing the Thickers from the wax paper and re-sticking onto your background one-at-a-time. (I did this in my previous layout as I discovered Press’n’Seal doesn’t stick too well to glitter Thickers).

pp Step 5
This time I decided not to add photos to my project – it’s destined for a shadow box frame for my wall! I really want to show off the fabulous dimension on this project!

pp Thickers 3

pp Thickers 2
Although this project takes almost a whole package of Thickers, I think it’s worth it! And my motto when it comes to my supplies is that if I love it, I’m going to use it! I’m glad I had a chance to scraplift one of my favorite layouts from this year and share the steps with you all! Thanks for popping by!

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