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Fussy Cutting: Decorative Frame Tutorial

Fussy cutting just so happens to be one of my very favorite scrapbooking tricks. I love to cut out around the shapes and then rough them up with my fingers for a bit of texture. For this project I wanted to repurpose an old table top frame. I wanted something to use as a lovely reminder and decoration for my daughter’s room. It turned out to be a pretty cool 3-D paper project.

tutorial styledHere are the supplies you’ll need. Really any floral patterned paper will do the trick. Pink Paislee has lots of options!tutorial suppliesFirst you’ll start out with the base of the frame. Take the glass out and trace it to get the desired size.

tutorial 1Cut that out and slide it in first, then the glass, then the back of the frame holder. You’ll want to work on top of the glass (this way you can switch out what’s in there without having to ditch the entire frame!

tutorial 2Now we fussy cut. I started by cutting the flowers out fairly closely around the print. This just makes it easier to flip and maneuver the paper as you cut. Cut right up to the edge of the design to get the same look I have here.

tutorial 3Now I start placing the fussy cut pieces inside the frame. Try to think about balancing out the design and layering the pieces together.

tutorial 4 tutorial 5Keep going until you’re satisfied with the look. This will serve as the background for your sentiment.

tutorial 6Choose your favorite Thickers and place them centered inside the frame. Then use your finger tips to rough up and bend the edges of the fussy cut flowers. Here is where the 3-D part comes in. Have fun with it. Make the flowers look as though they are growing out of the project!

tutorial 7tutorial closeThere you have it! A frame that no longer sits in a box in the basement. It now serves as a super sweet decor statement. And you had a lot of fun fussy cutting for it too!

tutorial styled

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2 Responses to "Fussy Cutting: Decorative Frame Tutorial"

  • lynda
    January 3, 2017 - 3:35 pm

    Too fun. Are you able to tell me the project with the wood underneath. Thanks

  • Rose-Marie Melanson
    January 4, 2017 - 9:00 pm

    I love all the projects . Thank you