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Oh My Heart: Guest Designer – Terhi Koskinen

Hello and welcome to a very special post! I’d like to introduce the Oh My Heart guest designer – Terhi Koskinen! Find Terhi on her blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

Terhi Koskinen

Tell us a little bit about yourself: I’m a 30 year old scrapbooker from Finland, the land of lakes and Santa Claus. I’ve been scrapbooking about five years now and it has changed my world around since I started. If I’m not scrapbooking or doing other crafts, I’m riding and probably taking some snapshots to scrapbook. In addition to me and my lovely, supporting husband, our family includes two amazingly beautiful daughters, three dogs, and two horses. My day-time job is in engineering office coordinating projects and structural designs with very strict rules and limits, that’s why you can find my scrapbook pages really imaginary, layered, and always a little messy. I want to give myself space to brake rules, have some fun, and be creative while saving memories for next generations.

How did you get started scrapbooking? I have always been into photographing and once I saw my friend’s first scrapbook pages I was hooked! The combination of beautiful photographs, memory keeping, and handmade crafts is totally irresistible. Gratitude is an understatement when it comes to my feelings for my friend, it feels like the world has opened to me since I discovered the world of scrapbooking and all the social networks around it.

What is your favorite Pink Paislee product? Almost wrote ‘ephemera’, but I will say ‘papers’ as you can do so much with papers. I love Pink Paislee’s color world and patterns in every theme. I justify paper also because Pink Paislee’s paper material is thick enough for adding some mixed media to pages, but it’s still thin enough for fussy cutting. So papers, definitely paper.

5 fun facts about you:
1. A year ago I was wishing to have one sweet puppy, now I have three dogs in the house. Ooops!
2. I got my first eye glasses at the age of one. Since then I’ve always been wearing glasses.
3. I love skydiving and can’t wait for summer to jump again.
4. My friends are always laughing for my sleeping habits, I’m always in bed before 9pm.
5. The first time I met my husband was in the middle of a lake – and if that wasn’t weird enough, my parents met each other in one of the beaches by the same lake! History does repeat itself!

Get to know our Oh My Heart guest designer Terhi Koskinen on the blog today! @pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #scrapbooking

When adding stickers to your design, try think about the shape of the stickers instead of the theme. For example, the pile of bowls shaped chipboard sticker is peeking from behind the picture, but all it does is make more colors on the page, no one knows they are actually bowls!

Get to know our Oh My Heart guest designer Terhi Koskinen on the blog today! @pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #scrapbooking

Simple cards can be easily turned to look more handmade. I added some random doodling around the enamel dots and other elements, now it’s much more unique!

Get to know our Oh My Heart guest designer Terhi Koskinen on the blog today! @pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #scrapbooking

Oh My Heart stamps are perfect to create unique background, I used them with embossing powders by repeating the floral stamp over and over again with different colors. To avoid too messy of a look, I also added lots of dots to keep the background airy and fresh.

Get to know our Oh My Heart guest designer Terhi Koskinen on the blog today! @pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #scrapbooking

Little things matter, like the right color of the title. First I added the ‘laugh’ word as it was, light pink. But just before I was finished I thought to have more shiny elements and painted the word with shiny golden paint.

Get to know our Oh My Heart guest designer Terhi Koskinen on the blog today! @pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #scrapbooking

Have fun with repeating patterns from your photograph. Here I picked up the birthday hat from our puppy and repeated the triangles all over the page.

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent with everyone Terhi! Be sure to stop by all her social media sites listed at the top to see more of her beautiful creations!

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3 Responses to "Oh My Heart: Guest Designer – Terhi Koskinen"

  • Heather
    February 22, 2017 - 1:09 pm

    Your pages are beautiful, Terhi! I feel you about the dogs… we went from 0-3 in one year as well. Wouldn’t have it any other way! And bonus, they make the perfect subjects to scrap about!