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Craft Room Tour: Zinia Amoiridou

Keep your supplies on display with a functional system that makes crafting fun and enjoyable. @pinkpaislee @abstractinspiration #ziniaamoiridou #abstractinspiration #workspace#pinkpaislee #craftspace #craftroom #organization

I don’t know about you but I really love browsing Pinterest and checking out all the amazing craft room photos that are posted out there. I actually get a bit jealous from time to time cause some of those craft rooms are really gorgeous. I love when everything looks clean and tidy, but when it comes to my workspace, I put functionality above everything.

At first sight, my craft room may seem a bit messy to you, but if you take a closer look you’ll see how everything is nicely organized. When I work, I want to have all my supplies close to me and visible. If I hide things in a drawer, I’m not very likely to use them. So I mostly store my supplies in plastic boxes.


I have a relatively small space so I need to make it work. I keep my mixed media and most used supplies on a coffee table right next to my desk. I usually categorize my products per type, manufacturer, or collection. For example, I have a box with all my Jane Davenport goodies and a box with all my adhesives.


On the top of my desk, I keep the boxes with the products that I’m currently working with along with my favorite pens and tools. Once I’m done with a project and I need work on the next, I just switch my little boxes and I’m ready to go.


At the edge of my desk, I also have a small set of shelves for some more of my mixed media supplies. As I said earlier, I really want to be able to see my supplies at a glance so this is the perfect storage solution for all my sprays and little paint jars.


On the other side of my desk, I usually keep two DIY rolling cards I made to hold my newest embellishments packs. The content of my carts changes from time to time, depending on what products I’m working with every month. The best thing about these carts is that they fit exactly two of my plastic boxes on each basket so I can easily rearrange everything whenever I need to.


I really hope you enjoyed this tour into my craft space. It’s not very fancy but it’s definitely functional and I really enjoy looking at all my products spread around!

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