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Lists: 100 Things I love

Create a beautiful scrapbook layout to document all the things that make you happy. @abstractinspiration @pinkpasielee #pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #abstractinspiration #ziniaamoiridou #scrapbooking

Usually when we write a list it’s something temporary. Things to do for the day, grocery list, books to read this month, and so on. After awhile the content of the list becomes irrelevant and it ends up in the trashcan.


So from that idea I really wanted to create a list of everything that’s important to me. I started with big things like health and family and then I started getting silly and included stuff like ice cream and cupcakes. That’s where I got the idea to create a layout about all the things I love. It’s a list that will never become irrelevant and I can document everything that I currently love and enjoy in one single page.

I wanted my list to cover the middle portion of my layout so I went through my paper stash and Paper 21 from the Oh My Heart collection really stood out to me. It’s the colorful shelves design which seemed like the perfect pattern for a list. So I cut a wide strip of that paper and I mounted it on a light pink pattern.

I decided to title my page “100 Things I Love” and list literally 100 things big and small that make me happy. In the process I realized 100 were just too many and wouldn’t fit on my page so I ended up adding as many as I could squeeze in.

Create a beautiful scrapbook layout to document all the things that make you happy. @abstractinspiration @pinkpasielee #pinkpaislee #ppohmyheart #abstractinspiration #ziniaamoiridou #scrapbooking

I wanted my list to be the spotlight of the page so I only created two clusters of embellishments around it. One to complement the title and one to help the photo pop.


I wrote my journaling on my computer and printed everything on smooth white cardstock. Then I cut out every single word or phrase and stuck them on the empty space of each shelf. Because the words were all white, they were too distracting and made the layout a bit messy. So I went ahead and painted them with watercolors in matching colors to their background.


This layout gave me the opportunity to use some whimsical designs like the carousel horse from the Take Me Away chipboard stickers. As long as it’s something you love, it fits in the theme of the page!


I really thing that “100 Things I Love” is a great journaling prompt for our pages. It’s important to document the little things too. You can make a page for every member of your family and keep updating them every couple of years to see how things change and evolve.

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