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Easter: Easter Bunny Layout

Hop on over to the @pinkpaislee blog today, to see how @heyelsie created a cute Easter scene with the Oh My Heart Collection! #pinkpaislee #ppOhMyHeart #Easter #12x12layout #scrapbooklayout #scrapbook

Hey everyone, Elsie here today and Happy Easter Week here on the blog! Or should I say ‘Hoppy” Easter week?! And that shameful pun is an excellent segway to talk you through this Easter themed layout I’ve created.

easter-elsie-LOEaster is one of my favourite holidays because, if Christmas’ traditional colour scheme is red, green and gold, Easter’s colours are pastel pinks, yellows and blues which happen to be my favourite colours to create with!

1 Easter also means chocolate. And who brings that chocolate? Well… the Easter Bunny of course! And here in a nutshell (or should I say “eggshell”?!) you have a layout all about my love of Easter, chocolate and bunnies! And I’ll stop with the puns now…

5I’ve scrapped a photo of me holding one of the rabbits I had as a child. His name was Peter Rabbit, because he looked like his namesake and was just as naughty! I wanted to create a scene on this layout that’s full of cuteness and whimsy to capture the mischievousness of the Easter bunny and Peter Rabbit.

3I drew an illustration of a bunny, and did my usual paper-piecing thing with pieces of the beautiful pink ombre paper from the Oh My Heart collection. I know I stitch a lot, but if stitching isn’t your thing, you can always use pens and/or coloured pencils.

4And yes, the bunny is holding an Easter egg shaped balloon! I thought if I was going to go super cutesy on this page I might as well just go all out.

7I added texture paste through a skyline stencil to my background as this really helped to give whole scene perspective. I used some white cardstock to create paths and adhered them onto a mint paper to make some hills, the paths really help to give the illusion of perspective.

6I can’t stop fussy-cutting the flowers from papers 06 and 13 from Oh My Heart, and I also ended up adding some smaller flowers from paper 11 from the Fancy Free collection. I clustered the flowers together in three corners of the page, as this created a border which framed the layout nicely. I also popped some of the flowers on some foam to give the illusion of perspective, which really helped create the scene.

8_edited-1I used stitching to add some finishing touches to the page. I wanted the bunny to look like it was hopping across the layout so I drew and then stitched some cartoony jumping lines, to help connect the bunny to the rest of the scene. I also stitched using a swirly running stitch from the bumblebee for the same reason.


Make sure to check out my process video below:

I hope you all have an eggscellent Easter weekend and make sure to pop back to the blog this week to see some cracking projects from the rest of the team! Okay, now I’m officially out of puns…

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2 Responses to "Easter: Easter Bunny Layout"

  • Angela Styles
    April 11, 2017 - 10:35 am

    Love this page-such fun with many ideas to inspire!