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Ampersands: To the Moon & Back

Think outside the box by using ampersands in more subtle ways on your pages, with @heyelsie on the @pinkpaislee blog today! #pinkpaislee #ppMoonstruck #ppSweetFreedom #ampersands #12x12layout #scrapbooklayout #scrapbook

Hey everyone, Elsie here! Bare with me whilst I try and explain how this layout came to be, because this design went through so many manifestations that I’m surprised it’s even worked out! How I used an ampersand isn’t glaringly obvious in this layout, but let me talk you through how I used the ‘and’ in my title to inspire this design.

9‘I love you to the moon & back’ is one of my absolute favourite quotes as it comes from a book my Mum used to read to me when I was younger: ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.

I thought this quote would be a great starting point for a layout, and it also meant that I could delve into the Moonstruck collection some more, as the collection’s theme would match perfectly with my title.

elsie-ampersand-LOI originally wanted to create a giant ampersand as the main focus point on the page, but I also wanted to incorporate some stars. I thought that using both together would be too busy, so I ended up just using the stars.

1I was inspired by the imagery the quote brings up, particularly ‘the moon & back’ bit. The ampersand connects these two images together and so I decided to split my layout into two sections: the ‘moon’/stars bit, and ‘back’ (which I’m interpreting as the ground!) where I would place my photo.

7If I’m being honest, I really struggled with where I could put the quote as I didn’t want to make the page even busier with a big title. And then I found one of the photo overlays from the Outfitters collection, which has a beautiful white celestial pattern on it with a variation of my quote – it was kismet!

Against the dark background, the white text really stands out and the overlay is subtle enough that it doesn’t make the cluster by the photo, and the photo itself, too busy. The overlay really helps to seamlessly connect both halves of the page together. In a kind of abstract way: the overlay works as my ‘and’!

4Talking of the background, this is the first time I’ve ever used pattern paper as a background!

I seriously love this navy paper, and as you’ll see in my process video, I originally cut the star pattern on some white cardstock and was going to back it with the navy paper. I ended up not liking how much of the navy was being covered up, so I was brave (haha!) and used the navy paper for my background, and I love it. Phew!

3I also used the speciality star vellum from the Sweet Freedom collection to back the stars. It’s subtle but adds some extra sparkle and magic to the layout.

8To further connect and make sense of both halves of my page, I fussy-cut those bold and beautiful flowers and clustered them round my photo on the bottom of the layout to symbolise the ground.

I deliberately worked with a loose circle design on this page. By placing the main elements on the outer circle of the patterned paper, this connects all of the elements together as your eye naturally follows the path of the circle, which helps make sense of the scene.

6If you think about it, ampersands are used to connect things together, and so it was important for me to try and make sure my design connected each element together. So I also pieced together a small rocket and placed it on that outer circle to make it look like it was travelling to the ‘moon & back’!

2 And how could I not incorporate this pink floral die-cut ampersand, it was the perfect finishing touch!

5Check out my process video below.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you’re inspired to think outside the box and use ampersands in more subtle ways on your pages!

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2 Responses to "Ampersands: To the Moon & Back"

  • Ann
    April 28, 2017 - 1:49 pm

    Wonderful layout.

  • Wende Rickett
    April 30, 2017 - 2:26 am

    Wow! Gorgeous!