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Anniversary: Romantic Dreamcatcher

A romantic dreamcatcher to decorate your space and remind you of all the beautiful times you spent with your significant other. @pinkpaislee @abstractinspiration #abstractinspiration #ziniaamoiridou #pinkpaislee #ppsweetfreedom #ppmoonstruck #dreamcatcher #papercrafts #homedecor #anniversary

We all celebrate our anniversaries in different ways. It can be a romantic dinner, a special night out, flowers, or a sweet card from the heart. All these are beautiful but they don’t last in time. So I decided to create a dreamcatcher for our bedroom as a constant reminder of the beautiful years we’ve spent together.


Since I’m only using light embellishments I created my main ring with two big circle dies and thick watercolor paper. If you have an embroidery hoop it will be much sturdier but it’s not a must as long as you don’t put something really heavy on it.

I covered my ring with white fabric scraps and I followed the instructions I found on Pinterest on how to thread the dreamcatcher’s web. Once the main body was finished I started adding my embellishments.


I wanted to keep my color palette simple and romantic so I mostly worked with bits from the Moonstruck collection. My initial plan was to actually include a photo but I found this gorgeous “dream” cork sticker and I really wanted it to be the focal element on the web.


I scattered a bunch of tiny star stickers from “Sweet Freedom” and tiny cork stars from “Moonstruck” to make my dreamcatcher extra dreamy.


The stars worked really great with the whole atmosphere of my project so I also used a few dimensional star stickers also from “Sweet Freedom”. I also added a label with the year we first met.


I was really obsessed with the cork embellishments so I pulled some of the feathers and stuck them on the lace and fabric trims that are hanging from the ring. The gold cracks on the cork makes it look really magical. I hope you are inspired to create a dreamcatcher!!

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