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Summer: Everyday Stories Layout

Summer is full of big adventures, but what about those random everyday stories you want to tell? Join @heyelsie on the @pinkpaislee blog to see how you can capture that everyday magic! #ppOhMyHeart #pinkpaislee #scrapbooking #scrapbook #scrapbooklayout #12x12 #Summer

When I think of summer, I always think of grand adventures and big moments. However, I love documenting those random, everyday moments that may seem insignificant to some, but they give a perfect glimpse into my life right now. They can be as mundane as you like and I think I’ve chosen one of the most mundane things to talk about in this layout: laundry.

ELSIE-SUMMER-LAYOUTSee, I wasn’t kidding!

So here’s the story: My Mum is meticulous about the order in which her laundry dries that it’s become the source of many running jokes in our family (my brothers and I have not followed in her footsteps, much to her dismay). So as she was hanging out her washing the other week, we were talking about her love of laundry when she said to me that her ‘favourite thing about summer is being able to hang the washing outside’. I thought she was joking… she was being completely serious. It really made me laugh so I definitely had to document that moment!

ELSIE-SUMMER-8I’ve been desperate to make a feature of Paper 23 from Oh My Heart and I thought this paper was the perfect jumping off point for this layout/story. I love this sock pattern, it’s such a unique paper that I was immediately drawn to it and it’s so easy to fussy-cut.

ELSIE-SUMMER-2I thought these socks would look adorable hanging on a tiny washing line on my page. I had some small white pegs in my stash that I used to pin the socks up on some white embroidery thread. The pegs do add a little bulk onto the page, but they don’t add as much dimension as the foam I used to pop the photo and sun rays off the page.

ELSIE-SUMMER-7To make my background, I experimented with some mixed media and used gelatos. To give the impression of a sky, I faded the colour out from the edge of my sun rays. This does two things: 1) it defines the edges of the sun rays and; 2) gives a super soft pop of colour and creates a sort of dreamy quality.

I cut the sun rays by hand from some plain white cardstock. I chose white cardstock so the socks and other embellishments would “pop” off of the background. But I did stitch along the edges of the sun rays to give them a little more definition.

ELSIE-SUMMER-11I printed my Mum’s laundry comment on some vellum and created a speech bubble to attach it to. I clustered some floral die-cuts and a fussy cut t-shirt and echoed that in the opposite corner, where my photo is, to make the design and my journalling more cohesive.

ELSIE-SUMMER-4I didn’t have a specific photo directly related to my story, but I found this photo of me when I was younger that I thought could work. I’m making a slight grimace so I thought it would be funny to have a speech bubble look like I was saying ‘cool mom’ as a sarcastic response to my Mum’s laundry comment! Also I’m wearing a rather fetching socks and sandal combination… Total fashion icon!

ELSIE-SUMMER-9Thanks for joining me today and I hope you’re inspired to capture and document that everyday magic in your scrapbooks!

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One Response to "Summer: Everyday Stories Layout"

    June 23, 2017 - 10:27 pm

    The paper piece queen has done it again. I just LOVE it and I used to hang clothes outside when I was young and hated it. Now, I wish I could again!