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Vacation: Mini Album

Create a mini album you can display, so you can relive your favourite vacation memories whenever you want with @heyelsie on the @pinkpaislee blog today! #pinkpaislee #ppSummerLights #ppTakeMeAway #ppFancyFree #ppOhMyHeart #minialbum #vacation #diy #scrapbooking

Hey Pink Paislee fans! Elsie with you today rounding off ‘Vacation’ week on the blog. I’m getting more and more confident making mini albums, and I really enjoyed this one I’ve made to share with you today.

One of the reasons why I’m loving them so much is that I always have a mini album or two on my coffee table, and whenever friends and family come over I’ve noticed they always make a beeline for them and want to have a look.

vacay-mini17I think this is my favourite aspect of making mini albums. I love my layouts, but because they’re stored in big, bulky albums it means they’re less accessible than the mini’s are. So  I specifically wanted to share a mini album with you all today that can be put on display so you can relive those fun vacation memories whenever you want!

So this album comes in two parts, but I’ll start with the box that stores the album.

vacay-mini19I created this box from white cardstock. There is no specific template I used, I just freehanded the whole thing! To be honest, if I made this again I would definitely use a template. I really don’t like measuring things so a template would’ve probably been a wise move! I just made sure that my lid measured slightly bigger as I knew I wanted to decorate the box with patterned paper and other embellishments which would bulk the box out a little.

vacay-mini20I used one of my favourite papers from Fancy Free, but I chose the scaled down version from the 6×6 paper pad, so you could see more of that gorgeous pattern! I used some white cardstock to cut out some features of the camera, like the lens and hand grip, and stitched round it in white to echo the stitching on the patterned paper.

vacay-mini21To embellish I used several different pieces from various collections. I used one of the suede bows from Take Me Away, a rose gold charm from Oh My Heart, the ‘beach please’ phrase from Summer Lights, and I fussy cut some flowers from a Fancy Free paper. I love finding ways to mix and match collections you wouldn’t necessarily think could work together!

vacay-mini18My box roughly measures 4x6x2”, so I knew I couldn’t go crazy and make a massive mini album. I wanted to keep this one relatively simple, so I decided to use a label as the base shape of all my pages. I actually used one of the tags from the Take Me Away ephemera pack as a template to cut out all of my patterned paper.

vacay-mini1I primarily used papers and embellishments from the Summer Lights 6×6 paper pad, I seriously love those scaled down patterns! But I also mixed and matched a few papers and embellishments from Take Me Away because that collection has a bit of a travel theme, which worked well with my vacation photos.

vacay-mini3My title page for the album is super simple. I used the abstract horizon paper from Summer Lights with the holographic thickers from the collection to spell out the word ‘Summer’, and I fussy-cut the mermaid from one of the cut-apart sheets in the 6×6 paper pad.

I’m so obsessed with the way those thickers look when they catch the light, they’re amazing!

vacay-mini16Whilst I love embellishments and creating filler cards, I still wanted to use large photos, so I cut some of the photos to the size of the tag. This gorgeous sunset deserved a whole tag to itself! 

vacay-mini5I printed all of my journaling onto vellum. I like using vellum because it’s translucent, so you can still see the pattern behind it.

vacay-mini12vacay-mini6I created a really simple shaker pocket by using a really inexpensive plastic wallet (the kind you put note paper in) and sealed up three sides with some of the washi tape from Summer Lights, filled it up with some sequins and some small starfish stickers for some extra colour, and sealed the it all with a final bit of washi.

I think it’s important to experiment with different textures in mini albums and include interactive elements. It makes the whole album feel super fun!

vacay-mini14I really love using transparencies, and these ones from the Outfitters collection are beautiful! They’re a super easy way to add some extra interest!

vacay-mini2There are a couple of pages where I used a tone-on-tone technique. I love this look as it gives the look of dimension and layers with minimum effort.

vacay-mini7I was so excited when I saw that the the ombre on the ‘Summer’ sticker matches so perfectly with the ombre patterned paper. It’s the little things, isn’t it?!

vacay-mini15I think my favourite tag in the whole album is the tag pictured below. It’s surprising to me because it’s so simple, but I think that’s what I love most about it. It’s made from a blue striped paper from the Summer Lights collection 6×6 paper pad, a die-cut seahorse, 3 sequins (that I arranged to look like bubbles) and that’s it! vacay-mini11Another favourite tag is the last page of the album. The majority of the photos in this album we taken in Spain, so I managed to squeeze the UK and Spain from this map print (from the Take Me Away 6×6 paper pad) into the shape of the tag. I sketchily drew a geotag over UK and Spain and then stitched a “flight path” from both geotags and used some arrow stickers to emphasise both places a little more.

(And FYI, I haven’t given a specific location in Spain because I can’t remember the exact name of the place where we stayed – oops!)


Next time you make a mini album, why not put it on display so you can relive those fun vacation memories?

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  • Donna
    July 1, 2017 - 11:22 am

    Love it the box was worth it