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In Memory Of: Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album

I’m interpreting the “in Memory of” theme to mean documenting a beloved day when we visited Le Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France last fall!

I started this mini album back in the hotel when we were moving from Germany to the states this past July so you can see it’s taken awhile to finish – I just kept adding pages!! That’s the beauty of mini albums though, you can keep going or call it good even after a few spreads! The cover is made from Turn the Page Paper 23 – I trimmed a 4×6″ section and simply stitched through the printed lines using the same color of thread. I machine stitched the Thickers and mini alphabet Sticker title in place and the album is tied shut with some floral printed Ribbon. Everything you see with the exception of just a few things is from my Turn the Page collection!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans1

Here is the flip through so you can see how this album looks IRL:

There were SO.MANY. photos from our day at Le Mont Saint Michel that I wanted to include, I had the hardest time narrowing them down. In the end I created three entire spreads solely dedicated to  2×2 mini photos and every other spread includes a full 4×6″ photo of my absolute faves.



Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans2The base is made from smooth white cardstock sheets that were trimmed into 6×12″, folded into (3) 4″ sections, and then accordion folded. I made six of these accordion pages and then attached each one together with Washi Tape to make the world’s biggest accordion album base, lol. On the first spread I added a photo to the right side with the date we went stamped onto a label, etc, and the left page is typed and printed journaling onto a floral Journaling die cut on top of a bunch of Stamped leaves!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans3I rounded all the corners so that they wouldn’t get bent and torn over time and from being handled. This spread contains an insert that I attached with Washi Tape and stitched through it. The embellishments that I made didn’t quite match and I found one more photo I wanted to add, so this insert was the perfect solution. The left side is a photo with typed/printed/trimmed journaling and then this side of the insert is a 4×6″ piece of Paper 22 with a white washed background and a butterfly Ephemera Die Cut on top along with a tangle of thread a-la Missy Whidden.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans4

On the left side, this is the other photo I wanted to include :) Peace out haha. The right side is a-la Steffi Ried – I love how she stitches through her lines of embellishments so I tried that with the Sequins.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans5

I made these patterned paper flowers while we were staying with my parents and didn’t have immediate plans for them. They fit nicely here! Can you spot the little French knot and flower Sequin in the center of each one? They were fun to make :) On the right photo all I did was slide on a Pennant Paper Clip. Easy peasy!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans6

This next spread has lots and lots of 2×2 photos! Half are glued right down and the other half are attached with Washi Tape so you can lift them up and read some captions/journaling. Embellished with patterned paper, chipboard, and puffy sticker butterflies! I love all the colors.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans7

Here I fussy cut all these sentiment bubbles from a paper in the 6×6 Paper Pad and adhered them with foam tape. In Photoshop I copied/pasted some journaling from my blog onto a photo, printed it out, trimmed it down, and glued it in place!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans8

No photo on this spread! It’s probably where I meant that other photo to go but it must have slipped out at some point and I forgot… Anyway! I used a lot of Wood Veneer and machined stitched around each one. I left some of the spaces empty so I could write journaling. I like mixing hand written and printed journaling in my mini books.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans9

Another full 2×2 photo spread! Told ya I have a hard time narrowing down photos! In between each photo I trimmed a super thin piece of patterned paper and stitched it in place. I added a “moments” die cut with transparency “embrace the” stickers above for a sweet sentiment.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans10

I die cut a design that reminds me of the window in that 2×2 right above! I backed it with lots of 6×6 Papers. One of my dilemma’s at the beginning was I had lots of vertical and horizontal photos that I wanted to include full-size, but it seems silly to have to keep rotating the album for them to be oriented the right way. Sooooo! The front side of the album is all vertical and then once you get to the end, you flip it over and everything is horizontal! This colorful back page makes a nice segue.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans11

This other half of the album contains a lot more mixed media: acrylic paint and watercolors. I made a sentiment page from a mix of all the different kinds of alphabets found in Turn the Page and stitched a floral die cut trimmed in half to the top and bottom. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the kingdom in Tangled was directly inspired by Mont Saint Michel?

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans12

The top half of this spread is 2×2 Paper Pad pieces trimmed a little bit smaller and then I tied a bow from each of the 5 Ribbons – the 6th one (bottom right) is the colorful striped ribbon tied backwards. The bottom is a cute photo of Jane with the magical mountain still visible in the background as we drove away, and then topped with various embellishments.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans13

Similar to what this spread looks like on the opposite side, I added embellishments inside each section and journaled in the larges one. Jane hugs animal statues! It’s just what she does!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans14

Here is the final 2×2 photo spread and once again I glued some and attached those with captions with Washi Tape!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans15

I made a banner for my little sister’s baby blessing gathering last weekend and I love the patterned papers she chose. I used the scraps to punch circles and folded them over bits of white string to make banners. I think I’m going to show how to do this technique in Paige’s Pages 14 at Big Picture Classes – coming in September I believe!

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans16

On this second to last spread I used watercolors (I would have used ink pads but my colored inks are still with all our stuff – but BEST NEWS EVER our stuff is getting delivered this Friday!!! Better than Christmas!) to Stamp butterflies and I actually love the soft and pretty look the watercolors make! So maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t have access to my inks! More typed/printed/trimmed journaling on top and I didn’t do anything to the photo. I may go and add something later but for now it feels finished.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans17

For the last spread I used my cloud trio cut file and before peeling them off the mat I watercolored over them. Once dry, I used spray adhesive to attach them to the top and wrote my closing thoughts with a white pen.

Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans18 Le Mont Saint Michel Mini Album by Paige Evans19 All-in-all I am still LOVING making mini albums!! I am so inspired to keep documenting our travels so I’m going to start the next one right away!

Paige Evans photo

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  • Gessier
    September 6, 2017 - 12:51 am

    What a beautiful project ! Technique, colors… wonderful!
    Insta: Marie_planfitlove