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In Memory Of: It’s The Little Things Layout

Hey everyone, it’s Elsie here wrapping up ‘In Memory Of’ week on the blog, and I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the awesome inspiration from the team this week!

elsiemem3This week’s theme seemed like the perfect opportunity to document one of my favourite photos of my Great-Grandmother and I. Scrapbooking is amazing not just because we get to play with pretty papers and embellishments, but we also get to pause, reflect and tell our stories.

I think this is particularly special when a loved one has passed away, it’s just so lovely to be able to create something to remember them by. My Grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, and she lived until she was 102. So I feel very lucky to have had a Great-Grandmother in my life for 20 years.

elsiemem1_edited-1One of the first things I think of when I think of my Gran is her home. She loved gardening and was very proud of how immaculate and beautiful her garden always was, and so I knew I wanted to create a page which had loads of flowers on it! I was also inspired by an old Grandfather clock my Gran had in house. Grandfather clocks always remind me of her because her clock was one of the first things you saw as you walked into her house. And so I obviously couldn’t resist paper-piecing a clock together!

elsiemem4I used a bit of artistic license with the clock and created a cuckoo clock instead of a Grandfather one. I used this cut file (found here) and cut each piece with papers from Turn The Page. The colour scheme of the clock is slightly unusual for me, as I used a navy, red and yellow combination. Whilst I was sceptical of the colours at first, I love how the colours pop off each other and I think it’s a pretty traditional colour combination and very suitable for this page!

elsiemem12I wanted to create the illusion of wallpaper to give the impression that the clock is hung up on the wall, and so I used the gorgeous ‘B’ side of paper 12 to echo the blue in the clock.

elsiemem10However, paper 12 has a classic “Paige” pattern on the ‘A’ side with loads of squares of patterns from the Turn The Page collection and it made me feel so sad to have to cover up all of that prettiness! So to combat this, I made small tears into three points of the paper, folded and then stapled those pieces down. I love the effect of this as it looks like wallpaper peeling and you get glimpses of three patterns which inject some more colour into the page. I also backed these spots with a bit of mint and gold washi tape, because I couldn’t resist that beautiful gold foil!

elsiemem7elsiemem8Remember the 12×12 chipboard sheet from Fancy Free? Well, I dug that out from my stash so I could use those cute little plant pots, and I was so happy to see that the colours from Turn The Page worked perfectly with them!

elsiemem5I also used another piece from the same chipboard sheet and one from the Turn The Page chipboard, and I turned them into frames. I did this by hand-stitching some string in a ‘v’ shape to make it look like they’re hanging on a wall.

elsiemem11Paper 15 has the most fussy-cuttable flowers ever as they’re not too complicated or small to cut; they’re just right! I spent some time cutting most of the flowers from that paper so I could scatter them around the page. I clustered them down around all of the main focal points of the page (the frames, my photo, the clock) to make them stand out even more, and I even popped some of them up on foam dots for more dimension and interest.

elsiemem9And finally the most important part of the page: my photo. I framed the picture with an ornate frame cut file, as a little nod to my Gran who always had lots of photos in beautiful frames in her house.

elsiemem6I also couldn’t resist fussing-cutting the butterflies on paper 04. I mean, I couldn’t have all those flowers without any butterflies, right?!

elsiemem2Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my process and are inspired to create something with this week’s theme too!

Check out the video below to see how this layout came together!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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