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Fall: Interactive Cards

Create some fun fall-themed interactive cards that will excite your friends and family. @pinkpaislee @abstractinspiration #ziniaamoiridou #abstractinspiration #pinkpaislee #ppturnthepage #cards #cardmaking #papercrafts #interactivecards

Hello everyone! It’s Zinia here and today I have some really cute fall-themed interactive cards to share with you. Both designs are really fun to make and your friends will absolutely love interacting with their elements.

The first card is an interactive maze! I was inspired from the cute cups and mugs paper of the Turn the Page collection so I cut a few of them up and placed them at the edges of my maze to represent different beverages (coffee, milk, tea and cocoa). Then I used the WeR Memory Keepers Trim & Score board to cut my maze design. You can do that with a craft knife and a ruler too but I found it very convenient to use a trimmer.

I used foam squares to adhere the maze onto a card base to give it some dimension and space. You need that extra space so you can have a little critter moving around the maze.

I used two foam dots and a button to give height to my critter. I used some baby powder to remove the adhesive from the bottom layer of foam dot just so it can slide around without sticking. On top of the button, I stuck an adorable puffy snail.

The second card I created is a small waterfall card. I thought this design was perfect to create with the 2×2″ paper pads that come in the Turn the Page collection. The first step is to cut the base of the waterfall element. I used a slightly smaller size of paper to make sure there won’t be any overhang when I stick the 2×2 papers on top of it.

I cut the strip down to 1 7/8″ width. I kept the strip long at the start to make sure I won’t cut it too short. You can always cut off any excess later on. The next step is to score the strip around the middle and create a few more score marks every 1/2″. Fold the score lines on both sides to make sure they are soft and easily fold-able.

Using some double sided tape, attach the top of the 2×2″ papers on the 1/2″ folds. Now we need to secure the waterfall piece in place. You should have a folded piece with 2×2″ squares attached to the front part and a blank strip at the back. The black strip should stay lose so we can move it around and create the waterfall effect. The bottom part of the top strip should be attached securely in place.

To do that you will need a small piece of paper that’s around 2 1/2″ wide. You want it to be wider that your main strip so you can slide the back part through it. Adhere that piece at the back of the front strip and then add tiny strips of adhesive at the edge of the extra piece so that the back strip can go through without getting caught in the adhesive.

I recommend using some strong adhesive because that’s what will keep the whole card in place.

Go ahead and decorate both sides of the 2×2″ panels because as you pull the strip both sides will be revealed with this interactive waterfall effect.

You can recreate this effect in any size you want but the 2×2″ pads make it especially easy and convenient.

I really hope you got inspired to create some cute interactive cards with the fall designs and colors of the beautiful Turn the Page collection. Until next time, happy crafting!

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One Response to "Fall: Interactive Cards"

  • Ann
    October 5, 2017 - 2:17 pm

    Adorable creations. Love the coffee card.