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Free For All: Choose Joy & Craft Layout!

Hey friends, it’s Elsie here. With this week’s ‘Free for All’ theme I decided to create a layout that’s pretty close to home… I’ve created a page about my love for all things crafty!

Whilst it’s pretty obvious that I love scrapbooking, I think it’s nice to dedicate a page in my album documenting how much I love getting my ‘craftt-on’! Since this layout focuses on my love of crafts, I made sure to feature a lot of my favourite techniques and embellishments on this page. Let me talk you through it all…

elsie-pinkpaislee-1I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of creating with Turn The Page; I seriously love it. It’s such a great collection to work with because it’s so colourful and versatile, and I’m never not feeling inspired when I create with it. So it was the perfect collection to use on this page!

elsie-pinkpaislee-2One of my more recent favourite techniques is backing cut files. The Silhouette Cameo has become my absolute favourite scrappy tool and I’m really enjoying being able to use cut files on my projects.

For this layout I used this cut file because I not only loved all of small shapes which I could back with lots of colourful papers but also because of it’s circular design, which leads me onto my next favourite technique…

elsie-pinkpaislee-6Stitching is a big part of my crafty life and so I thought it would be adorable if I made it look as if the cut file was an embroidery hoop decoration, and since the cut file was already a circular design it worked out perfectly! I also stitched around the ‘choose joy’ title with some matching yellow thread to make it stand out even more.

elsie-pinkpaislee-3I used this cut file and cut the hoop from white cardstock. However, the hoop didn’t look right when it was white and I couldn’t find a suitable woodgrain patterned paper to use, so I decided to create my own!

I used some brown watercolour pencils and sketchily put some colour down and went over it (rather haphazardly!) with some water and this gave it a really nice texture.

elsie-pinkpaislee-9For the embroidery hoop fastening I used some gold Heidi Swap Color Shine to make it look like metal. I also did this with to the handles of the scissor cut files. I love this way of doing mixed media on my projects as it’s a lot more subtle and less intimidating and works seamlessly with the scene I’ve created!

elsie-pinkpaislee-5I like to create lots of hidden “easter eggs” in my projects so there are lots of areas of interest and cuteness to look at! My favourite part of this page has to be the embroidery thread going through the scissors from the stitched paper airplane trail.

elsie-pinkpaislee-4It’s definitely not the main feature of the page but it’s a fun and whimsical detail which I think represents how I really enjoy playing and experimenting with my pages by creating scenes. Whenever anyone looks at my pages I want them to feel as if they could almost “jump into” them. These kinds of pages are always my favourite to create.

elsie-pinkpaislee-7Fussy-cutting is one of my favourite things to do with my patterned papers. The flower and butterfly images from Turn The Page are super easy to cut out and are great to scatter and cluster on your pages!

elsie-pinkpaislee-8Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’re inspired document your love of crafting and, like my title says, remember to: ‘choose joy & craft all day, everyday!’

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