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Gifts: Christmas Crackers

Create your own Christmas Crackers which can double-up as both gift boxes and home decor! @heyelsie @pinkpaislee #gifts #christmascrackers #pinkpaislee #ppTurnThePage #diy #handmade #crafts

Hey PP fans, it’s Elsie here wrapping up ‘Gifts’ week with a cracking project… so punny!

I’m not sure if Christmas crackers are something people from other countries are familiar with, I think they might be called ‘bon bons’ in some countries… But here in the U.K crackers are one of those ridiculous and silly traditions that are such an integral part of our Christmas’.

elsie-crackers-2We decorate the Christmas table with crackers and pull them just before we eat. They’re usually always filled with hilariously tacky gifts, a flimsy paper crown and a terrible joke to tell everyone. They’re ridiculous, but an essential part of Christmas Day gifting.

elsie-crackers-7Creating my own was easy as I used a cut file which can be found here. If you don’t have a die-cutting machine, making your own by hand is just as easy and there are so many free tutorials and templates online.

elsie-crackers-3I used the Turn The Page collection to create these crackers but went with a non-traditional Christmas colour scheme of pinks, blues and yellows. Don’t be afraid to use your fave scrappy supplies even if they’re untraditional colours, I guarantee they’ll still look festive!

elsie-crackers-1I personalised each of mine, and made four to give to my immediate family (and myself haha!). I used the gold foiled navy letter stickers from the Turn The Page sticker book as it was a quick way to personalise the crackers.

elsie-crackers-4Talking of gold foil, I used the star stamp from the Turn The Page stamp set to heat emboss some stars in gold. I cut them out and used them as die-cuts to scatter over each of the crackers for some festive shine! I also used one of the gold foiled specialty papers from the 12×12 pad, to make the cracker even more shiny and special!

elsie-crackers-6I backed some die-cuts, like the holly and ornament (both from Paige’s Silhouette store), and either glued them onto the outside of the cracker or tied them to it with some ribbon. These are really quick ways to Christmas-ify your crackers and would be a good option if you need to quickly make a lot!

elsie-crackers-5These crackers are also great gift boxes, because they are easy to make as small or as large as you like depending on the gift you want to put inside. You don’t just have to use these crackers as table decorations, I know I’ll definitely be creating some more to use as cute gift boxes!

elsie-crackers-9But in the meantime, I filled mine with some sweets and included a really bad joke which I glued onto a scrap piece of paper.

elsie-crackers-8Whether you use these as crackers or gift boxes, I hope you’re inspired to make your own this Christmas!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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4 Responses to "Gifts: Christmas Crackers"

  • Dolly
    December 15, 2017 - 7:49 am

    I love your treats you chose for your Crackers! 😀

  • Suse
    December 15, 2017 - 1:31 pm

    Gorgeous, Els! xx