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Fussy Cutting: Born To Fly

Make fussy-cutting the star technique on your next page with @heyelsie on the @pinkpaislee blog today! #pinkpaislee #ppPickMeUp #fussycutting #12x12 #scrapbook #layout #elsierobinson

Hey friends, Elsie here! I’m really excited about this week’s theme, because fussy-cutting is one of my favourite go-to techniques.

There are a few ways I’ve incorporated fussy-cut elements on to today’s page so let me talk you through it all!

elsie-fussycuttting-layoutI firstly started by backing this gorgeous star wreath cut file, which is designed by Paige, with loads of different patterned papers.

Backing a cut file is such an easy way to incorporate lots of fussy-cut elements onto your pages. It’s a handy technique to use when you want to single out and showcase a specific pattern or two, even if the specific piece you want to use is small!

fussycutting-1Before I cut my design, I made sure that the stars were 1 inch across. This meant I could use a 1 inch star punch to easily punch lots of stars and back the cut file! Using punches is a really great way to include fussy-cut elements on your pages in way less time, without the hassle of cutting your papers to specific sizes/shapes with scissors!

fussycutting-4I chose a mixture of papers throughout the collection and decided I would arrange them into a rainbow order, of course! I used some papers from the specialty papers in the 6×6 and 12×12 paper pads, and although this is a small detail it (literally!) makes the layout shine when the gold foil catches the light; it’s so pretty!

fussycutting-3I didn’t just use punches to do my fussy-cutting, I also used good old fashioned scissors! The butterfly/moth paper is one of my favourite patterns from Pick-Me-Up, because it’s the perfect paper to fussy-cut! I cut all of the butterflies from the 12×12 and 6×6 paper pads so I could get different sizes to create a more whimsical effect.

fussycutting-2Although was a little fiddly at times and some of my butterflies look very lopsided, I embraced the imperfections and popped them onto my page anyway! You don’t have to be accurate with your cutting/particularly skilled at it – we’re not machines so we’re not aiming for perfection!

And finally I used fussy-cut some butterflies from the washi tape book. I am completely obsessed with the way this turned out because the butterfly blends seamlessly into the white cardstock and creates a cool translucent effect.

fussycutting-6Remember you don’t have to be restricted to only fussy-cutting papers, because if embellishments aren’t working for you as they were designed, fussy-cutting is the best way to get the most out of your supplies!

Thanks for joining me today, and make sure you pop back to blog this week to fussy-cut with the rest of the design team!

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