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Flowers: Peacock Layout

Think outside the box and get a little creative with flowers by transforming them into new images. Elsie shows you how! #pinkpaislee #pppickmeup #scrapbook #layout #12x12 #flowers #peacock #elsierobinson

Hey PP fans, it’s Elsie here! Flowers are my scrappy go-to, they’re my absolute favourite thing to include on layouts. Anything floral is always the first thing I use in any collection and there are so many gorgeous flowers to be inspired by in all of the Pink Paislee collections.

For today’s page I decided to think outside the box and get a little creative with flowers by transforming them into new images…

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-1I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but recently peacocks seem to be a very on-trend motif. They’re definitely a love/hate thing, but I knew I wanted to try and create my own on a page.

Before I start making a page, I usually sketch some designs to figure out how I can transform my ideas into a scrapbook page. As I was coming up with some peacock designs I realised that on one of my drawings I had drawn the peacock’s tail like a flower and that’s when inspiration struck!

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-4I found this flower cut file by Paige and it was the perfect flower to use as my peacock tail, because the petals fanned out from the centre, which helped create the look of a bushy tail! I obviously wasn’t going for realism here, but I love how quirky and playful the end result is.

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-3I backed each petal with a variety of patterns from Pick Me Up. I even included some patterns from the 6×6 and 12×12 paper pads to bring in some of the specialty gold foiling.

One thing I did was cut off some of the feathers/petals from the bottom of the cut file, to help make it look more like a peacock’s tail.

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-6Once all of the backing was done, I wanted to add more texture so I stitched around the outline of the flower with some white thread.

I cut the peacock’s body from paper 04. I love the ombre blue pattern as well the colour because it’s the perfect peacock blue! To make the body look more peacock-like I added a few little flourishes on top of its head as well as creating a teardrop-shaped eye from white cardstock.

And as soon as I put the peacock’s body on top of the cut file, it magically transformed from a flower into a peacock!

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-7The rest of the layout came together pretty easily after that. I fussy-cut some flowers from paper 02 and used them to create a frame. I added the little trucker hat ephemera piece on to one of my photos and I popped the camera around the peacock’s neck to emphasise my title.

I used the navy foam thickers to spell out ‘strike a pose’ which I thought was the perfect title for this page as peacocks are very pose-y animals and I’m being very pose-y in my photobooth pictures!

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-5And I really don’t think you need a cutting machine to recreate this page because you could easily freehand cut the petals and arrange them in a similar way. But if you do have a cutting machine, I’m sure any number of floral designs would work!

elsie-pinkpaislee-flowers-scrapbook-2I love this design and I hope you’re inspired to think outside the box next time you’re using flowers on your pages.

Have a great day everyone!1Elsie Robinson - blog badge(1)

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  • Pooja
    April 4, 2018 - 6:41 am

    It’s beautiful!