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Hand Stitching: Adding Pretty Details

Ahoy¬†Pink Paislee shipmates ūüėČ it’s Elsie here and I am so happy¬†to be creating a project for¬†this week’s hand-stitching theme! If you’ve ever seen one of my layouts you’ll already know how much I¬†love stitching on my pages. I machine-stitch or hand-stitch on every single layout I make, but hand-stitching is definitely my favourite stitching method.

The thing I use hand-stitching¬†for the¬†most¬†is adding extra details and definition¬†to any of my paper-pieced images, embellishments and cut files. So let me talk you through what I’ve¬†been stitching on this nautical themed page…

Elsie_May30_Stitching_1But firstly, let’s talk a little bit about organisation and¬†the tools I use to¬†hand-stitch. As you can see from the photo below I have lots of embroidery thread, which I¬†bulk buy¬†because¬†I use so much of it! I organise¬†them onto paper bobbins and, of course, arrange them into a rainbow order! Having my thread organised like this means that I can easily find the specific colours I need for a project.Elsie_May30_Stitching_9To pierce the holes for my stitching, I use a retractable craft pick which can also be called a pokey tool, an awl or a paper-piercer. And you also need¬†a surface to rest your paper on when you make the holes, I use a piercing mat which is basically a bit of high density foam!

If you want to give hand-stitching a go, but don’t want to invest in the supplies, you could use a push pin/thumb tack to create the holes, for example. And before I bought a piercing mat, I used to use the lid of a cardboard box! The specific tools make the process¬†a little easier, but they’re not essential!

Elsie_May30_Stitching_5Now onto the layout! I have had this idea in mind ever since I first saw the sail boat papers and embellishments in Pick-Me-Up. I loved the idea of creating a cute little porthole which would frame my sailboat scene, so I created this first.

I used one of the navy blue papers from the 12×12 paper pad to cut out a circular frame, which I then stitched around with some matching navy thread to give it some more definition and texture.

Elsie_May30_Stitching_3To create my wavy sea I used one of my favourite papers: paper 22. I cut the paper into strips and used my scissors to cut uneven scallops across the border. Although there is some colour variation in the paper, when I placed the strips together, they all blended in to each other and the wave border was lost.

So hand-stitching along those wave borders with some matching teal thread, really helped to define them.¬†It’s amazing how much of a difference hand-stitching made!

Elsie_May30_Stitching_6Instead of creating a classic sail boat, I decided to up the whimsy and create a cute little paper boat! Although the basic shape of a paper boat is very simple, it’s completely unrecognisable without all of the¬†lines which¬†represent the folds of paper. Again, I used the same technique as before and stitched the details on to the boat with some matching yellow thread.

Elsie_May30_Stitching_8Another way I used stitching was on the¬†‘message in a bottle’ cut file. I cut it from white cardstock, but it blended in to the background too much, so to help it stand out I stitched around it. I feel like I sound like a broken record, but hand-stitching is just¬†so¬†good for adding detail and definition… it’s foolproof!

Elsie_May30_Stitching_4Elsie_May30_Stitching_2I just love how this layout turned out and I think all the stitching really made my ideas come to life! Although it does take time to do, I find¬†hand-stitching¬†really¬†relaxing, so I hope you’re inspired to give it a¬†try on your next projects!

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