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Summer: Suitcase Mini Album

Hey friends, it’s Elsie here and I have a Summer mini album to share with you today. I love making mini albums that are basically a blank canvas. What I mean by that is that I decorate the album, but I add the journalling and photos in at a later date.

I imagined this album to be used to document a vacation, so making mini albums in this way means that the process of scrapping and documenting is a little more simplified and easier to put together. Also these ‘blank canvas’ minis make excellent gifts!

I have lots of photos and tips and tricks to share with you today, so let’s get started!

elsie_summermini_1I wanted to create quite a sturdy cover for the mini album, so I used chipboard and covered it with my favourite pattern from Pick-Me-Up, the navy lemon paper: paper 07. The chipboard was split into 5 different pieces, so the cover would wrap around the entire album, and I used some velcro dots to keep the cover closed.

And for some extra whimsy I made the cover look like an old fashioned suitcase, by adhering some pink strips of paper along the sides and creating a little handle for the top of the album. What’s so great is that this album stands upright, so it can easily be displayed!

I also created a little charm using a white tassel from my stash, and adding one of the heart charms from Oh My Heart and a chipboard tag from Pick-Me-Up to the gold ball chain. Super simple and super cute!

elsie_summermini_2To create the binding for the album I created an accordion spine, I will have a process video up on my YouTube channel soon, but it is a very simple technique and there are already loads of tutorials online.

I also decorated the inside with paper 22 from Turn The Page. I love this paper airplane pattern because it works really well with the travel/vacation theme and it’s also multicoloured but not too busy. Which means that whatever colours and patterns I used in the pages of the album, everything would match and it wouldn’t become too busy.

elsie_summermini_4After creating a title page, I decided to create a couple of pages dedicated to packing… this is a suitcase mini album after all!! On the left page I stitched a wad of the note paper, which comes with the Oh My Heart stamp set, onto the page so there is lots of space to write lists.

I decorated the other side by creating a border of fussy-cut t-shirts (paper 24) and using the gold sequins from the PMU haberdashery pack to create some shiny bullet points!

elsie_summermini_8It’s always a good idea to come up with ways to incorporate more space into your mini albums, so pockets and folds are the easies way to do that. In the picture below I created the pocket by stitching a piece of paper on three sides, and then filled the pocket with some of the larger and very useful journalling spot die-cuts from TTP and PMU.

elsie_summermini_7On the right page I cut the paper I wanted to use in a piece that was longer in length than the album, and folded it down. I also used decorations that are not only pretty, but functional, like the speech bubble which I stitched down on one side so it could fold out and become an extra journalling spot if needed.

elsie_summermini_9And in the crease of the fold I adhered a piece of paper to create another place for photos and journalling.

elsie_summermini_10For me, washi tape is a must-have supply when creating mini albums. You can use it to create pockets and even flip pages, which is what I created in the picture below. This creates loads more space for decorating and journalling in no time at all!

elsie_summermini_15Instead of creating a pocket on a page, you could even use the pages as pockets! To do this I simply adhered two pieces of paper together along three sides, leaving the outer edge free and filled the pocket with journalling cards. This would be the perfect spot to add photos and any memorabilia you collect on your vacation.

elsie_summermini_6elsie_summermini_11The ledger pattern on paper 20 from Pick-Me-Up is perfect for writing, especially if you have scruffy handwriting like me! I also used some of the planner stickers from the Paige’s Designer Sticker book to create some space to add lists and use as journalling prompts.

elsie_summermini_12The watermelon from the journalling spot die-cuts is my absolute favourite piece, and I transformed it into a pocket by hand-stitching around the edge. I also created a little bite edge with some scissors for a bit of a playful detail!

Also use your patterned papers to your advantage… the gold frames on the right page are from the PMU 12×12 paper pad and are great ready-made journalling spots!

elsie_summermini_5The page below is a “classic Elsie” page because I love clouds, stitching and creating little scenes. Although it would still be possible to write across the background, it would mess it up, so I created an accordion rainbow for a space where you could add more journalling!

To do this I chose 5 patterned papers, cut them into arcs and adhered them together in a rainbow order. I attached a stitched cloud to one end, and I adhered the other end into a small envelope. I then accordion folded the rainbow so I could hold it to the page with one of the Turn The Page paper clips.

elsie_summermini_3Once you remove the paper clip you can pull on the cloud to unfold the rainbow and use each colour to write along. Super nifty and playful, and I think this idea could be recreated with a number of designs.

elsie_summermini_13And finally I created a large envelope and stuck it onto the back cover. Inside I made a small notebook with some plain printer paper and stitched the pages together.

I did this because this album is so large and obviously not very practical to take with you out and about. So by creating a small notebook or two like this and popping them in your bag,  you will be able to journal on the go and still include the notebooks and in this album!

elsie_summermini_14Thanks for joining me today and well done if you made it to the end of this slightly long post! But I hope you’re also inspired to create your own summer mini albums!

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  • Pooja
    June 28, 2018 - 12:51 pm

    So cheerful and bright with lovely colors !