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Beautiful Layout | Diane Williams


Hello everyone! I was SO excited to get my hands on some of the amazing new Horizon collection, I immediately had to put together a simple and colourful layout. I knew I wanted to use as many of the gorgeous rainbow colours as possible so I started with the “Beautiful” cut file from Paige Evans.


Once I had cut the file, I set aside the inside pieces of each letter and I got to work stitching around each letter with white embroidery floss and a simple back stitch. This creates texture, a little dimension, and some visual interest to the page. Once I had finished all the stitching (which really didn’t take that long), I used the reserved letter insides as a template to create colourful pieces to back my cut file title.


I used 9 different “B” sides from the Horizon collection and added them in rainbow order. There were so many pretty colours and patterns to choose from but I tried to make sure I kept the patterns small enough to see through the holes in the cut file. I placed the reserved letter on top of the patterned paper and then carefully trimmed around the edge with my scissors, leaving about an eighth of an inch border around the template shape. This allowed me to glue the paper behind the cut file.


Once I had my title all backed, I had to choose a background paper. I couldn’t resist adding even more rainbow colours so I choose Paper 19 with its gorgeous rainbow stripes. I adhered my title to the background and then folded and lifted the edges in a couple of places on both the left and right-hand sides. Once I chose where my photos were going to go, I adhered them down too, after adding a couple of pieces of copper washi tape, from the Horizon collection as well, down underneath.


Then I went to town with the Horizon floral embellishments, creating a vertical stack of them, both under and over my photographs, on the right hand side of the page. I also added a couple into my title, using the colour-on-colour technique.


Here is a quick video of how this layout came together if you’d like to see the process from start to finish.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing this page come together and I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on this amazing collection, it really is gorgeous!


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