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Adventure Out Layout | Diane Williams


Hi everyone! I’m no mixed media expert by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes I do feel the urge to get a little bit messy and this layout is the result! I was so inspired by the tags in the Horizon collection, I wanted to make an entire layout based on them!


First, I prepped my cardstock by applying a thin layer of clear gesso. This helps stop the cardstock from warping too much and gives the watercolor something to grab on to. I added three liquid watercolors to my palette: pink, blue, and teal. After spritzing my paper with water, I used an acrylic stamping block to apply the color to the page. Using this technique stops me fussing round with a brush too much and making a muddy mess. After applying the base colour, I added a few splatters around the page and then left it to dry.


Using an alphabet placement guide, I lightly drew three circular lines onto the top half of my page. I used those lines to poke my stitching holes and then carefully erased the lines. Then I pulled out my white embroidery floss and started stitching in a plain back stitch. I decided that I wanted more lines, so this time I used my sewing machine and some metallic pink thread and stitched a couple more lines.


To create the main focus of the page, I chose two of the tags – one light blue and one dark. Then I created a third tag to go in the centre and be a home for my photo. I trimmed a large strip of paper and then used a border punch on either side of it. I marked the centre and created the tail of my tag by trimming from one side to the centre with my scissors, and then the other side. I backed my photo with two different papers and then mounted it to the tag base with foam.


I adhered all three tags to the page with a little dimension at the bottom. To achieve this, I simply glued the top of the flag straight to the paper, but added a small strip of foam to the bottom of each tag. Bending and folding the corners up a little also helps to give the illusion that the tags are flapping in the breeze.


To create the smaller strings of banners, I just used a banner punch and some scrap papers, making sure to keep the same coordinating colour scheme of blue and pink to match my photo. I adhered them flat to the page, but bent the corners up a little to add dimension. For a different texture, I added a few little chipboard banners too.


While I had the chipboard stickers out, I decided to use one to build my title. I placed it to the right of my photo to balance out the top-left banner-heavy corner of my page. I created a second word underneath using Thickers and then used a t-square ruler to rule some lines and add my journalling underneath in a blue gel pen.


Here’s a quick process video to show you exactly how this page came together.

Are you a mixed media kind of person or do you like to keep your layouts a bit cleaner? I’m in the second category but I really enjoyed stretching my creativity a little bit and stepping outside my comfort zone, so it definitely won’t be the last time you see me getting messy!


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2 Responses to "Adventure Out Layout | Diane Williams"

  • Christine Kiehl
    April 12, 2019 - 11:48 am

    Wonderful layout! So many neat details! Love the photo too!

    • Diane Williams
      April 30, 2019 - 4:57 pm

      Thank you! I love being able to scrap these cute photos for my sister!