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Folded Paper Rosette Shaker Cards | Diane Williams


Hi everyone! I can never go past sequins and what could be more fun to receive in the mail than a card full of them?! Adding some paper rosettes on top is the perfect finishing touch to create a fun and playful card. I used the bright and colorful Horizon collection for these cards.


To create your rosette, trim a piece of pattern paper to 8 inches tall by 3/4 to 1 inch wide. The width that you choose will determine how big your finished rosette it. Using a scoreboard, score every 1/4 inch and then accordion fold the whole strip. You don’t have to use a scoreboard, but it does make the folding easier. Glue the ends of the folded strip together and then manipulate the top together and down into the centre of your rosette. It can take a little fussing to get it to sit right. To secure the rosette, glue a circle of paper onto the bottom – hot glue works best for this as it dries quickly.


Once you have created your rosettes, you can decorate them a little. I added punched circles of matching paper and small puffy stickers.


After creating a card base from plain colored cardstock, I trimmed a piece of color coordinating paper and a small piece of tulle to cover two thirds of my base. I used my sewing machine to stitch the tulle to the patterned paper around three sides, then I slipped a spoonful of sequins into the tulle/paper pocket before stitching up the fourth side and enclosing the sequins. I then glued the sequin shaker to the front of my card base.


I used hot glue again to glue my rosettes to the front of my card base, making sure to keep the sequins out of the road of the glue while it dried. I also used the hot glue to attach another puffy sticker to the front of the shaker at the top. You need to add a bit of glue so the sticker adheres to both the tulle and the paper underneath.


Who wouldn’t want to receive these fun and colorful shaker cards?! I can’t wait to send mine out and I hope you create something fun and playful to send your loved ones too!


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