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3D Cards | Diane Williams


Usually, I try to make my cards as flat as possible, but sometimes you just need to go big. Really big. And that is where these 3D cards really come into their own. Especially since, when folded down, they are still flat enough to keep postage costs low!


I started by choosing six papers from the Truly Grateful collection, in rainbow order of course. But you could choose any six papers you like. Then from each of the papers, I die cut a circle using a thin metal die. I also used a hand-drawn paper template to cut out six hearts. Any symmetrical shape will work, but all six need to be identical.


Take each shape and fold it in half along its line of symmetry. Then take each folded shape and glue it onto the next one, keeping all the folds aligned in the middle. Make sure you glue them in the color order that you want.


Once all the pieces are dry, I unfolded them so I had half a sphere and half a 3D heart. Attached the flat edges to a plain card base creating the 3D shape. When you go to post these cards, simply fold the flaps down, half on each side, and slide into an envelope!


Around the outside of each 3D shape, I added a small amount of rainbow watercolour, using the same colours I created the shape with. Once the first layer was dry, I added a few splatters in matching colours.


I added sentiments to the front of the cards using a mix of cardboard stickers, puffy stickers, phrases stickers, and die cuts. You can add foam for extra dimension if you like. Then I added a few sequins and enamel hearts for some sparkle!

I’m always trying to find ways to make a big impact but keep postage costs low and these cards are going to make a truly fun surprise in the mail!


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