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Envelope Cards | Diane Williams


We’ve all put a card into an envelope, but have you ever made a card out of one? These envelope cards offer lots of little pockets and spaces to add goodies and messages and make the perfect little gift.


To begin with, I created two envelopes out of double sided patterned paper. You can create any sized envelopes you like, I chose to create mine at 6 x 8 and 5 x 6 inches. You could even use ready made envelopes! Choose which envelope you want to be the top or the front of the card and flip it so the opening is facing down. Tuck the flap of the top envelope into the opening of the second envelope and adhere. Then fold the envelop backwards to create your card, the opening of the top envelope will be on the front of the card. The flap of the bottom envelope will fold around to become the front.

Here is a short video to illustrate this process…


Then I created a cluster of embellishments using die cuts and stickers and adhered it to the front flap only. I then layered a few more elements underneath the flap, adhering to the card front only.


By adding a small piece of hook and loop tape to the back of the flap and the front of the card, I created a secret pocket in the front which is perfect for adding a few little goodies. I loaded my cards up with stamp sets and embellishments.


Of course, I couldn’t help but add a little sparkle with some sequins too.


The pocket on the inside of the card is perfect for adding a letter, or you could always write your letter on the left and load up the second pocket with goodies too! I chose to add my letter and added a second embellishment cluster to the inside as well.


These envelope cards are such a fun way to include scrappy supplies or other goodies with your card, imagine the delight at opening a card and finding all sorts of pockets filled with treasures!


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