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Adore Layout | Enza Gudor

Hello everyone. It’s Enza and today I’m sharing a new layout featuring the Truly Grateful collection. Combining cut files is super fun and allows you to create unique looks and designs.


For this page, I used two of Paige’s cut files: Picture Wheel and a Rolled Flower. In order to create several layers on the background, I cut the first cut file multiple times in different sizes. I started with the bigger wheel and decreased the size to create concentric circles. I then used the negative space as my guide to adhere the individual pieces down in the right spots. Foam dots were used to raise the top part of the wheels, giving dimension and more movement. To make sure colors and patterns went together without being “too much” for the eye, I alternated colorful prints with more solid patterns.


Once the background was in place, I used a circular craft die from my stash to cut the photo – the size fit perfectly the opening in the center of the wheel. I added two puffy hearts and a simple title.


At this point, I took a step back and left the layout as is for a few days. I wanted to embellish it, but didn’t really know how to make it work with all the colorful papers. I tried creating two clusters on opposite sides of the photos, but it looked just okay, it didn’t wow me. I then decided to go back to cut files and considered different options until I found this rolled flower. Its layers and romantic look caught my attention, so I went with it and cut eleven of them, varying size and colors. I arranged them around the photo, making sure to leave the white polka dot paper visible to make it pop.


I completed the layout with flower die cuts in between the layers.


I love how this layout turned out. Combining cut files is fun and it sure helps when you’re “stuck” and don’t know how to finish your project. Thank you for stopping by today!

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