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The Force Layout | Diane Williams


As soon as I saw this gorgeous and hilarious photo of my nephew Jack, I knew I had to make it the “star” of my layout, using both the Truly Grateful and Horizon collections and a fun cut file from Paige Evans.


To start my layout, I cut the Stars Star cut file from Paige Evans using white cardstock, large enough that it would just overhang my background. I wanted to frame my photo and cutting the background this large left me with the problem of not being able to print my photo at home as I normally do, so I sent it out for printing and started backing my cut file while I waited.


I used a lot of the blue paper scraps I had from the Horizon collection to back my cut file. I used one of the leftover inside pieces as a template and cut enough different blue stars to back the cut file. Then I glued all the little blue stars onto the back, making sure to try to keep a balance between light and dark.


Once I had my photo, I glued the backed cut file onto the front of my photo, making sure to keep the photo straight up and down, even though my star was going to be tilted slightly left on the page. Then I trimmed around the edge of the photo to separate it from the cut file.


Before adding my cut file to my background paper, I used some white ink to first create some smaller splatters in between the points of where my star would go. Then I used some modeling paste and a star stencil from Paige Evans to add larger stars and extra texture. Once dry, I added some foam to the back of my photo piece and adhered it to the background.


The final touches included adding a title using some small white foam alphas from the Pick-Me-Up collection, using a t-square ruler to make sure it was straight. Then I found some small star sequins in my stash and added a few of those around the page as well to add a little bit of sparkle to the starry sky!


I love the impact of using a lot of one shape and how sticking to one colour helps to make the photo pop on this layout!


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